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FREE movies to watch online @ Sci-Fi Channel!

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FREE movies to watch online @ Sci-Fi Channel!

Old 03-02-07, 05:46 PM
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FREE movies to watch online @ Sci-Fi Channel!

Watch Free Movies @ SciFi.com!

I really don't know if this belongs here (and I did attempt a fairly thorough search of the entire DVDTalk Forums before posting, so please forgive me if this is a repost) since although it's definitely a bargain (how much better than FREE can you get?), it doesn't involve dvds.

At any rate, hope this is a goodie for somebody out there!
Old 03-02-07, 05:54 PM
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That's really cool. Thanks for posting this.
Old 03-02-07, 07:27 PM
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You didn't see the "Hot Deals" forum?
Old 03-02-07, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Peep
You didn't see the "Hot Deals" forum?
Old 03-02-07, 08:29 PM
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awesome! thanks~
Old 03-05-07, 01:28 AM
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Very cool. That will be a lot of fun when I can't sleep.
Old 03-09-07, 04:48 AM
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Old 03-09-07, 07:40 AM
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Here's a list of the available movies. I've added runtimes in (hours:minutes). Note that these are all public domain movies now, and most (all?) of them were included in the Total Movie Box Set from a few years ago. Still, it's nice to be able to stream these from work on a slow day.

Killers from Space 1954 (1:11)
A nuclear scientist (Peter Graves) is hijacked by aliens to facilitate their invasion of Earth. A prophetic script predicts the age of video-conferencing. The overly earnest Graves and laughable alien costumes make this a gem.

The Snow Creature 1954 (1:11)
"Half-man! Half-monster!" Opportunistic Himalayan explorers return a captured yeti to L.A., where it escapes in the midst of a debate between customs and immigration (who could blame it?). Careful viewers will note that the Himalayan sherpas are speaking Japanese.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1916 (1:30)
Captain Nemo in this full-length feature is an Indian prince who uses his newly created Nautilus to seek revenge on the man who killed his wife.

Prehistoric Women 1950 (1:14)
Imagine The Flintstones as a live-action flick. Here's the battle of the sexes writ on a cave wall.

Le Voyage Dans La Lune 1902 (0:09)
Thought by many to be the first sci-fi film, it's remembered for the iconic image of a rocket landing in the eye of the Man in the Moon.

Black Dragons 1942 (1:02)
(??) intent on sabotaging the war effort, are methodically murdered by the malevolent Monsieur Colomb. It is only until detective Dick Martin is assigned to the case that everyone's true motives and identities are revealed.

Ghost Patrol 1936 (0:56)
The mad scientist meets the Western, complete with white-hatted hero. A scientist's radium-tube invention is used by robbers to crash and plunder mail planes until the scientist's daughter and an FBI agent ride in to save the day.

Giant Gila Monster 1959 (1:14)
"Only Hell could breed such an enormous beast. Only God could destroy it!" reads the tagline. Get ready for an allegory in which desert barn-dancers meet a scaly end for their wicked, wicked ways.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 1920 (0:51)
Every time you see a chilling movie that challenges you to guess what really happened, thank Robert Wiene, director of this near-perfect horror flick about murder, insanity and creepy uncertainty.

The Incredible Petrified World 1957 (1:03)
The crew of a stranded diving bell discovers a network of underground caverns at the bottom of the sea. A lone castaway informs them that there is no escape for any of them, not even genre staple John Carradine.

Attack of the Giant Leeches 1959 (1:02)
"From murky underwater caverns ooze monstrous aqua-beasts!" The titular suckers in this Roger Corman-produced squirm-fest have their way with soused trappers, cheating spouses and cuckolded husbands. Dynamite, not salt, is employed to end the threat.

The Killer Shrews 1959 (1:09)
Not Desperate Housewives, but dogs dressed as huge, ravenous shrews. This is the poor man's Island of Dr. Moreau, and stars James Best, better known as Roscoe P. Coltrane of The Dukes of Hazzard.

The Mad Monster 1942 (1:16)
This howler tells the age-old story of the mad scientist who turns his gardener into a wolf-like creature to take revenge on those who scoffed at his work. Incidentally, he'd also like to take over the world with an army of such creatures.

Menace from Outer Space 1956 (1:15)
Sticklers will point out that this is actually three episodes of Rocky Jones, Space Ranger. Stop us if this sounds familiar: Earth is under attack by bad guys hiding on a distant moon. (When are we going to outlaw those things?)

Metropolis 1927 (1:57)
Fritz Lang's frightening futuristic vision ranks among the all-time greats. In a dystopian future, the world is divided between the upper-class thinkers and the lower-class workers. The Lord of the thinkers dispatches a robot replacement for the workers' Queen in order to foment a rebellion that will result in the workers' demise.
Old 03-09-07, 07:50 AM
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Here's a rundown of the serials and "misc" (non-movie) streamers from that site:


The Lost City
  • Living Dead Men
  • The Tunnel of Flame
  • Dagger Rock
  • Doomed
  • Tiger Prey
  • Human Beasts
  • SPider Men
  • Human Targets
  • Jungle Vengeance
  • The Lion Pit
  • Death Ray
  • The Mad Scientist
Radar Men From The Moon
  • Moon Rocket
  • Molten Terror
  • Bridge of Death
  • Flight to Destruction
  • Murder Car
  • Hills of Death
  • Camouflaged Destruction
  • The Enemy Planet
  • Battle In The Straatosphere
  • Mass Execution
  • Planned Pursuit
  • Death Of The Moon Man
Undersea Kingdom
  • Beneath The Ocean Floor
  • The Undersea City
  • Arena Of Death
  • Revenge Of the Volkites
  • Prisoner Of Atlantis
  • The Juggernaut Strikes
  • The Submarine Trap
  • Into The Metal Tower
  • Death In The Air
  • Atlantis Destroyed
  • Flaming Death
  • Ascent To The Upperworld
  • Century 21 Calling...
  • The Big Bounce
  • To New Horizons
  • The John Glenn Story
  • Design for Dreaming
  • Leave It To Roll-Oh!
  • Man And His Culture
  • A Touch Of Magic
  • American Look
  • American Look 2
  • American Look 3

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