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DDDDDD 03-20-06 03:00 PM

FREE:1 yr Subscription to Snowboarder, Seventeen, EGM, CGW, Freeskier, SG, Skateboader

Under other Verizon HUB

kiddk1 03-23-06 12:49 PM

what is assets, is it like maxim and stuff?

Chad 03-23-06 02:16 PM

Originally Posted by kiddk1
what is assets, is it like maxim and stuff?

Looks like it might be. To my knowledge it hasn't even come out yet.

duganrm 03-24-06 11:50 AM

Originally Posted by Chad
Looks like it might be. To my knowledge it hasn't even come out yet.

I have signed up for the magazine a few times over the last year. It is not being published yet and the date they plan to start keeps getting pushed back (although the website still says 2005 right now).

Chad 03-27-06 10:10 PM

Free 1-Year Sub to U.S. News & World Report (Digital Edition):


I know digital magazines aren't very popular around here, but you can probably call in and have it converted to the print edition.

edytwinky 03-28-06 11:49 AM

I don't mind. It'll give me something to read at work.


BDB 03-28-06 12:36 PM

Looks like the free subs didn't help Cargo, pity as it was one of my favourites.
Cargo magazine to shut down
The shopping guide for men that was launched by Conde Nast Publications Inc. with much fanfare two years ago is shutting down with its May issue, the publisher announced.
(AP, 1:04 p.m.)

duganrm 03-28-06 01:01 PM

Free year to Country's Best Log Homes


DDDDDD 03-30-06 10:51 AM

Added Shop Etc. under other

Looks like a shopping magazine.

Autumn 03-30-06 11:46 AM

Originally Posted by DDDDDD
Added Shop Etc. under other

Looks like a shopping magazine.

Thanks! :)

potnoodlez 03-31-06 03:52 PM

I tried to sign up for Shop Etc but I received an error. :(

Mordred 03-31-06 05:07 PM

Anyone getting that Manga Magazine and is it worth it?

DaveCole 04-03-06 01:01 AM

Manga Magazine is basicly just a bunch of previews for whatever TokyoPop is releasing that quarter. It is still a fun read and worth it for free.

potnoodlez 04-03-06 03:40 PM

Shop Etc is finally working

duganrm 04-04-06 10:59 AM

free year of Sporting News.

DDDDDD 04-04-06 12:46 PM

Originally Posted by duganrm


DDDDDD 04-04-06 12:51 PM

Added Adore Shop under Freebiz.

With a unique mix of distinction and style, Adore Shop magazine is dedicated to providing readers with the most informative, up-to-date shopping guide for affordable luxury. As the leading resource for casual fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle, each issue provides in-depth information focusing exclusively on affordable brands, designers, stores, services and products.

Osiris 04-04-06 11:53 PM


odisn 04-05-06 12:32 PM

Originally Posted by duganrm

Excellent! :thumbsup:

magicmanej 04-05-06 02:33 PM

Originally Posted by duganrm

Awesome! Now I'm back up to 2 years again. Thanks to you guys, I haven't paid for a single TSN issue in over 4 years! You Rock!

DVD.guy 04-05-06 02:40 PM

Anyone know of any TV Guide subscriptions around?

Brewc 04-05-06 04:50 PM

Need one for Esquire since the free 2 year ran out.

edytwinky 04-05-06 10:15 PM

Thanks for Sporting News

innocentfreak 04-05-06 11:02 PM

Can't get Sporting News here. box is greyed out.

Michael Corvin 04-06-06 07:36 AM

Originally Posted by DVD.guy
Anyone know of any TV Guide subscriptions around?

Haven't seen any of those since they switched formats.

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