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X 03-09-05 11:05 PM

Thanks! :up:

duganrm 03-09-05 11:56 PM

It would be nice to have a thread that is updated with all the active free magazines out right now. Still trying to find me a free subscription to Maxim, FHL, and some computer game magazines.

big whoppa 03-10-05 04:43 AM

Thanks. Got in for Best Life.

hytec 03-10-05 06:21 AM

clicked maxim and stuff...

"This email address is already recorded in our database."

SpaceBoy 03-10-05 08:20 AM

Cool more maxim and stuff, and best of life. Thanks..

hytec I had the same problem with maxim and stuff, so used my other junk email address, and it worked. Hopefully they just extend my current subscription, else will just call and do it on the phone when it starts coming.

DJLinus 03-10-05 08:45 AM

Thanks! Great idea to have these all under one post.

Originally Posted by hytec
clicked maxim and stuff...

"This email address is already recorded in our database."

I got the same thing, so I created a new spam account. Worked fine for Stuff, but I just get "query error" for Maxim

Geofferson 03-10-05 08:53 AM

Gracias! :up:

Got in on Wine Enthusiast for my gf.

Roninasauna 03-10-05 01:39 PM

Originally Posted by Geofferson
Gracias! :up:

Got in on Wine Enthusiast for my gf.

What job description did you use for Wine enthusiast?

I tried them all and didnt couldn't get "approved" for it.

thanks much!

dago2727 03-10-05 01:54 PM

Thanks OP!

dick_grayson 03-10-05 01:55 PM

thank god! my american cowboy subscription was almost up!

fliggil 03-10-05 03:01 PM

I don't really understand the whole 'approved' thing with the freebizmags. For the free subscription does it matter what job you provide? Or does that only matter for the 'trade journals' they offer you when you submit?

Maxflier 03-10-05 03:32 PM

I get the stupid "Query Error" for Maxim every time.

Chad 03-10-05 05:20 PM

Renewed Psychology Today. Thanks! :up:

kornboy 03-10-05 07:23 PM

Querry error.

for maxim :(

ill try stuff now..

kornboy 03-10-05 07:25 PM

stuff magazine!

Thank you for your subscription.

Thank You OP, and GOD! :D

duganrm 03-10-05 07:39 PM

tried both IE and firefox for the maxim and got the query error on both. :(

Daniel-A 03-10-05 09:21 PM

Thanks much. For those getting stuff, you can get quite a few, by just channging your email address. :-x

Also did anyone get Maxim to work? Kept getting an error.

duganrm 03-10-05 10:27 PM

Originally Posted by DDDDDD

i am pretty sure this is the link they gave me when I signed up.

Buford T Pusser 03-10-05 10:50 PM


Osiris 03-10-05 10:50 PM


Buford T Pusser 03-10-05 11:06 PM

Stuff worked but Maxim didn't.

Y2K Falcon 03-10-05 11:49 PM

Thanks! My sub to Out was about to run out. :up:

Signed up for Stuff, but I'm not to confident it will pan out. Besides the "Querry" error, there are other basic typos on that site. We'll see!

I guess my industry does not qualify for Wine Enthusiast either. :(

hgar78 03-11-05 08:31 AM

danka! great to see budget living as a choice!!!! :)

Roninasauna 03-11-05 04:41 PM

Anyone know which job description works for Wine Enthusiast?


Gizmo 03-11-05 11:45 PM

Got in on a Maxim, Stuff, Sync, Tips and Tricks, and Xbox Nation (even though that magazine is no longer being made, lol)

TheNightFlier 03-12-05 09:30 AM

Thanks :thumbsup:

Got in on Maxim, Stuff, EGM, Sporting News, and Psychology Today.

Daniel-A 03-12-05 12:50 PM

Originally Posted by TheNightFlier
Thanks :thumbsup:

Got in on Maxim, Stuff, EGM, Sporting News, and Psychology Today.

Anything special you did to get Maxim to work?

Abob Teff 03-12-05 10:43 PM

Query error on Maxim as well. If you aren't getting Giant, get it! I find it far more entertaining than Stuff or Maxim . . . it is a little more intelligent and a lot less pretentious.

Doctor Gonzo 03-13-05 03:41 PM

:up: GIANT!!!

fumanstan 03-13-05 07:16 PM

Great thread, thanks!

Buford T Pusser 03-13-05 10:00 PM

I sent in a sub for Giant a few weeks before this deal. Now I'm wondering if I should pay it and just get more time tacked on. Hopefully it won't go out of biz anytime soon.

Y2K Falcon 03-15-05 10:14 PM

Can't get Wine Enthusiast or Giant to show up with either my programmer or accounting type job descriptions. Oh well. :(

paulringodaman 03-15-05 10:21 PM

Thank you very much...I have so much to read, I get a magazine a day now because of DVDtalk.......Thanks!

Phil L. 03-16-05 11:48 AM

Got in on American Thunder although I used to get that and it just stopped.
I hope they are still publishing.

DDDDDD 03-17-05 05:42 PM

Added sporting news under magscentral

Phil L. 03-17-05 06:36 PM

Thanks this should get me TSN up to about 2010.

Abob Teff 03-17-05 10:12 PM

Holy crap! Signed up for Sporting News on 3/12 and got my first issue today! WOW!

Phil L. 03-18-05 11:46 AM

Sporting News is still alive with a new link


Lemdog 03-18-05 01:02 PM

I just got my copy of sporting news also ... thanks again

the_dude8 03-18-05 01:29 PM

for the freebiz sub to budget living and giant, what jobs combination did you put to get those subs? thanks

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