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DDDDDD 03-23-05 06:39 PM

new Sporting news Link

DDDDDD 03-24-05 05:00 PM

another new Sporting news link!

DDDDDD 03-28-05 05:53 PM

added Card Player Magazine!

DDDDDD 03-28-05 05:57 PM

added Spa,Islands,Caribbean & Florida Travel & life under others one link for all 4.

SpaceBoy 03-28-05 07:46 PM

Big thanks for all the mags yet again. Really looking forward to Card Player mag.. :thumbsup:

hgar78 03-30-05 10:33 AM

is there any way we could get the thread title changed to a non-dated title???? i kept ignoring this because i thought i had already taken advantage of it back in early march until i realized it keeps getting updated with new mags...

DDDDDD 03-30-05 05:31 PM

added Blender hurry they go quick!

fliggil 03-30-05 05:34 PM

sweet thanks for the Blender link, and thanks for the other ones too, can't wait for a few of these to arrive.

GuessWho 03-30-05 06:51 PM

Got Blender & Stuff. Still getting query error on Maxim.

Buford T Pusser 03-30-05 08:54 PM

Thanks. My Blender was going to be up in less than a year.

DDDDDD 03-31-05 01:59 PM

New Link For Blender!!!!!!!

DDDDDD 03-31-05 05:26 PM

Added Three FREE Issues of Runner's World

DDDDDD 03-31-05 05:28 PM

Added American Poker Player Magazine!

Buford T Pusser 03-31-05 09:11 PM

Sporting News arrived today. :eek: I thought I sent for that just last week.

yeek 04-01-05 12:40 PM

Thanks for all the recent links D!!

DDDDDD 04-01-05 12:42 PM

new BLENDER link!

DDDDDD 04-01-05 05:49 PM

Tv Guide Get It Quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jpdude 04-01-05 09:07 PM

^thanks....i signed up a friend that was never able to catch this link for herself :)

movieguru 04-01-05 09:35 PM


miketyson220 04-01-05 10:44 PM

thanks!! got stuff

Blondiefan 04-02-05 05:29 AM

I FINALLY got in on TV Guide. Thanks DDDD !!!!

AsmodeusVice 04-02-05 06:23 AM

Thanks so much DDDDDD for doing all the research for the free mags. It is very much appreciated. :up:

I have so many damn magazines coming to my house now that I don't even know what to do with them.

xboxundone 04-02-05 02:03 PM

New TV guide link enjoy http://www.magscentral.com/tvg/tvg7cc1.htm

DDDDDD 04-02-05 09:35 PM

Added Remedy,Boating Life,PC Magazine & Off Road Adventures

calhokie 04-03-05 12:07 AM

Thanks OP. My first Sporting News showed up this afternoon.

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