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jpcamb 02-28-06 11:54 AM

10 cent listing fee on ebay today only 2/28/6
Save a bit of money listing today. Feel free to DVDtalk linkify if possible.


BDB 02-28-06 04:11 PM

did not work for me.

runner001 02-28-06 04:36 PM

if its a 10 cent listing day, you don't need a link. you just list an item and it should cost you only 10 cents. i think i might list something tonight.

BDB 02-28-06 04:54 PM

I listed an item for 12 dollars, it cost me the normal .60

BDB 02-28-06 05:22 PM

What is excluded?

Auction-style listings, Auction-style listings with Buy it Now Listing Upgrade, eBay Motors vehicles, International, Live Auction, Professional Services, Ad Format, Real Estate and Store Inventory listings.

runner001 02-28-06 08:00 PM

well shucks. nevermind about listing my item then.

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