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DJ_Longfellow 02-10-06 09:05 AM

Snowthrowers - 50% off at HomeDepot - YMMV
FW is reporting that snowthrowers are 50% at HomeDepot. I'll have to swing by later and check it out...hopefully it's true.

DarthVong 02-10-06 09:55 AM

It's true. I work for HD and this is a company wide promo. Due to the weak winter we had we are over inventory on these.

Sweet Baby James 02-10-06 10:14 AM

Awesome! Just in time for the shitload of snow that I'll be receiving in 36 hours. Thanks for the post DJ and thanks for the confirmation Darth.:)

Darth- I read on FW that there's a 20% coupon floating around. Do you know how I can get one of these coupons and will HD accept a copy of this coupon? Thanks again.:)

DJ_Longfellow 02-10-06 10:57 AM

I have a copy of that coupon....it says NO COPIES on it, so YMMV.

I'll be hitting up one or two on the way home today. Thanks for the confirmation.

Sweet Baby James 02-12-06 01:06 AM

Well I struck out at two different stores yesterday(Derby, CT and Orange, CT). They were completely picked clean. On one hand, winter is almost over and it still would have cost me a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, I'm going to break my back later today digging out of this nor'easter.:sad:

DJ_Longfellow 02-13-06 06:50 AM

I struck out also....nothing at two in MI. I should've got one when they were 33% off...oh well.

FantasticVSDoom 02-13-06 07:42 AM

:drool:...I was so tempted to getting one this weekend, but the wife made me come to my better judgement. I mean we live in a one bedroom apartment with no more cars. They look like so much fun though!!! Damn, I miss having my house and all my tools :(

Paul_Nyman 02-13-06 07:42 AM

I went by the Wyoming, Michigan HD and they had 5 left of Yard Machine 21" 5.5 HP Single Stage snowblowers priced at $199.43 minus any discounts people are using out there. This was the only location that HAD any left appearantly. All the surrounding Grand Rapids stores probably cleared out when the prices were at 33% off.

Sweet Baby James 02-13-06 10:04 AM

You should keep an eye out at Lowes. I popped in at Lowes after striking out at HD and they had a ton of Troy-Bilt Snowthrowers for 20% off. I would imagine that they'll start lowering the price on these machines as Spring nears.:fc:

BTW, I had to shovel 20" of snow yesterday. Fortunately, it was of the light, fluffy variety.:)

shelland 02-13-06 07:07 PM

I want one of the Toros or Ariens so bad... Why do we have to be so broke at this time of year.... :(

DJ_Longfellow 02-14-06 11:00 AM

I'll check out LOWES...I'm upset I missed the HD deal. Does Lowes pricematch if they lower the price within 30 days of purchase?

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