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Chad 05-03-05 10:38 AM

Free Hershey's Take 5 Bar * 5/5/2005 * 500,000 Available Online

How can you get one?
On 5/5/05, Our TAKE 5 Street Teams will be giving giving away 4.5 million candy bars and to round it off we'll give away another 500,000 online!

Come back on 5/5/05 to hersheys.com and register online for a coupon good for one FREE TAKE 5 candy bar.


NORML54601 05-03-05 11:46 AM

I have yet to buy one of these because I think it's just too much stuff packed into one bar but I'll give it a shot if I get it free. Thanks.

medavidson 05-03-05 11:52 AM

You know what was cool? The Marathon Bar! Do they still make those?

neiname 05-03-05 12:11 PM

Best candy bar ever

Trelach24 05-03-05 12:22 PM


Geofferson 05-03-05 12:27 PM

Never heard of it, but it sounds good. Thanks!

harpoonipa 05-03-05 12:48 PM

These are really good

htfdwhal 05-03-05 02:06 PM

I keep hearing on the radio how there will be certain spots in baltimore handing these candy bars out. I don't know where theses certain spots are.

SpaceBoy 05-03-05 02:26 PM

These are tasty.. I'll be back!

Serge25 05-03-05 03:28 PM

Good, thanks. So after you get the coupon, can you use it in the store?

Osiris 05-03-05 04:51 PM


rkndkn 05-03-05 05:51 PM

This is a good candy bar -- the pretzel goes very well with everything.

DDDDDD 05-03-05 09:24 PM

Hope I get a free one!

kenbuzz 05-04-05 01:24 PM

One more day...

BTW - Which Marathon bar are you talking about, the old one...

...or the new one... ?

victant 05-05-05 05:10 AM


It's going on right now. Got mine.... It's good to be an insomniac! :up:

fryinpan1 05-05-05 05:45 AM


kenbuzz 05-05-05 07:38 AM

"The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings."


ChiTownAbs, Inc 05-05-05 07:44 AM

Dave Brubeck even approves

hondo21 05-05-05 08:01 AM

Glad I jumped on and filled this out before 8 a.m. EDT. Looks like the site is getting hammered now, or the offer is down.

Jazzbutcher 05-05-05 08:01 AM

Nice jazz reference, certainly over the heads of most...:up:

I totally forgot about the old Marathon bar. Those things rocked!

Sonicflood 05-05-05 08:31 AM

That site/system sucks!!!

Got all the way to entering my info and to the area that states:

Please type the characters you see in the image below.

There is a red X. No image!!! Can't complete!



EDIT: even went back and got all the way through & when I click submit.. it goes to an error page!!!

SpaceBoy 05-05-05 08:44 AM

Guess they're gone. People sure like free candy.......

kenbuzz 05-05-05 08:54 AM

I just got #4,500,154. 90% of the freebies are gone, but there are still 499,846 left!

beavismom 05-05-05 08:56 AM

I just got one so don't give up yet.

clappj 05-05-05 08:57 AM

I was #4,507,312.
Thanks to the OP!

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