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scholty 02-28-05 11:05 PM

Dish Network deals?

I am wanting to subscribe to the Dish Network due to them carrying GermanTV and ProSieben now. Currently they are offering a good package but I do not know anything about their receivers and PVR offerings.

Any particular models I should get? Some of them better then others?

I will be switching from Comcast to do this.

Any Hot Deals that they are not to public about?


Steve Lynch 03-01-05 03:18 AM

You can go here to learn about what they have to offer. I have 2 of the pvr 510s and love them. With the pvr522 you can watch one station while taping another.


TheKobra 03-02-05 06:35 PM

I picked up the PVR 522 and two of the HD receivers 810 for free a few weeks ago. I posted a post (do a search) and you will find my deal. I paid $49.00 to activate and the $49.00 was credited back to my first bill. Now I had DirecTV Tivo prior to making the switch and want to let you know there it is a little different at first. Once you understand how the DishNetwork's PRV works you will be happy.

scholty 03-03-05 08:52 AM

Thanks for the heads up. I signed up yesterday under the best deal I could find which is their ClubDish program.

A existing customer can refer you and you get the same deal you just mentioned EXCEPT you don't pay the activation fee (but still get the $50 credit on first bill).

Whoever refers you though will get $5 a month credit for 12 months and 5 free pay per view coupons.

If anyone wants to jump on this deal and doesn't have any referrals let me know and I will send you my ClubDish coupon number. Should you be willing to give me your address I'll send you the coupons for the PPV's when I get those. This would still give me $5 off a month.


oh... the best thing is you still do NOT have ANY committment. So if you are unhappy with their service you can cancel.

Thanks everyone for their help.

steelhead211 03-03-05 11:58 PM

Dish Network
I am interested in the coupon. I have been trying to find one.
Please send to [email protected]

Thank You

uli2000 03-05-05 10:11 AM

shotty, Im interested in a coupon as well.

[email protected]

TAR 03-05-05 09:37 PM

I've got coupons too if anyone needs one.

nlogax 03-05-05 10:13 PM

Me too please!
[email protected]

wolfman27 03-06-05 02:23 PM

Hit me with one of those too. [email protected]. Thanks.

SkipKassidy 03-06-05 06:05 PM

Hook me up!
This is perfect. Send me the coupon code at [email protected]

But I have one qualm. My parents and I were going to get Dish Network through a Houston, TX company called GoDish.com. I'm sure I can call my contact and cancel it because it has yet to be installed. They are supposed to come out on 03/19.

The reason for the date is because I live in a wooded area and some trees need to be removed.

So any helpful comments would be much appreciated.



uli2000 03-06-05 11:55 PM

TAR, I havent heard back from scholty, so if you still have one, send it my way!

wolfman27 03-07-05 07:01 AM

same here TAR.

steelhead211 03-07-05 09:30 AM

Dish Network
I could use a coupon code

[email protected]

scholty 03-07-05 11:32 AM

Sorry guys been out of town this weekend...

IF you still need coupons let me know at [email protected]

ronconherr 03-07-05 01:16 PM

If anyone else can use some coupons, I can get a hold of some for you also:

I'll email you the coupon code and info right away, and if you make sure to include your address, I'll mail it as well (as you may need it when the installer comes, I believe my sister did).

[email protected]

s}{ammer 03-07-05 03:56 PM

I have some of these coupons also, just send me an email at [email protected] to receive the deal.

Featuring DISH Network Satellite TV for the whole house (up to 4 rooms) with FREE Standard Professional Installation, FREE activation, plus a $49.99 credit on their first bill.

TAR 03-07-05 04:57 PM

I sent a referal coupon to nlogax & magicmanej. I only have one more available for this month, and will be able to get more next month. Wolfman27 is next on the list down. Just going by who replied first.
If any of you don't need the referal please send it back to me and I'll send it to the next person who needs one.

s}{ammer 03-07-05 05:02 PM

I sent one to wolfman, anyone else need any?

TAR 03-07-05 05:06 PM

I'm out of coupon referals until next month.

scholty 03-08-05 01:49 PM

Here are a couple of coupon codes for whoever needs them: CDT041409214 and CDT041387352.

Please email me if you use them so I don't hand them out again.



guywall 03-09-05 07:29 PM

I've got two if anyone wants them.

s}{ammer 03-13-05 08:11 AM

# VCD0000144114


FREE Activation ($49.99 value),
FREE Standard Professional Installation (up to 4 TVs),
PLUS a $49.99 credit on your first bill.
Ask how to get America's Top 180 for the America's Top 120 price for 3 months.


* System must be installed and programming activated by:04/30/2005
* Optional DISH Player - Digital Video Recorder available at no additional up-front cost. Monthly DISH Network DVR Service fee applies and varies based on programming subscription level.
* This ClubDISH certificate good for new, first-time residential DISH Network customers only.
* Additional restrictions apply for Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

Promotion Codes:
Ordering Direct: DIRCDDHA
Through Retailer: RETCDDHA

quik2 03-27-05 01:11 AM

If anyone have an extra coupon can you send it to:

[email protected]

Thanks in advance.

mee2 03-27-05 03:14 AM

I have two coupons available.
Email me at [email protected] if you need one.

junk20 03-27-05 08:10 AM

If anyone still has one, I would love one as well:

[email protected]


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