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Myster X 01-05-05 02:04 PM

free "surprise gift" from Trish McEvoy

Thank you for registering and look for your
special gift very soon!

dick_grayson 01-05-05 02:09 PM

from who? is she a country music singer or something?

Geofferson 01-05-05 02:38 PM

worth a shot

bboisvert 01-05-05 05:10 PM



ben12 01-05-05 05:55 PM

Originally Posted by bboisvert



D.Pham5GLTE (>60GB) 01-05-05 10:30 PM


eau 01-05-05 11:42 PM


GMLSKIS 01-06-05 03:04 AM


Pato1 01-06-05 08:49 AM

ty Mysterx.

Homer Simpson 01-06-05 09:44 AM

I'm in, thanks.

Homer Simpson 04-12-05 10:11 PM

Got my perfume bottle yesterday. Not a bad deal, wife was happy.

eau 04-27-05 07:23 PM

Originally Posted by Homer Simpson
Got my perfume bottle yesterday. Not a bad deal, wife was happy.

Ditto :up:

Serge25 04-28-05 12:19 PM

In how much time does it arrive?

eau 04-28-05 02:58 PM

4 months.

Serge25 04-28-05 03:00 PM

Wow, long time.

GMLSKIS 05-04-05 10:28 PM

4 months later got mine today - thanks again

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