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speedyray 12-22-04 05:12 PM

www.yourmusic.com - new music club - $5.99 CDs w/free shipping
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OK, from what I read the deal is you buy at least one per month.

You build a music Que and they ship you a CD each month and charge you 5.99. If there is nothing in your Que you get charged anyway (be careful)

You can also buy anytime you want once you are a member.

As for legit, it seems to be a part of BMG just like DV2 is a new part of columbia house.

What do you guys think. I am on the verge of signing up.

scanman20 12-22-04 05:19 PM

Why is this better than BMG?

potnoodlez 12-22-04 05:40 PM

It's not that good of a deal. I did a search and it appears as if their catalogue is indenticle to BMG's. I would rather stick with BMG and get more cds for the least amount of money as possible.

Also, not all cd's are $5.99. Multi-disc sets are more money.

Actually, after further inspection I think I may sign up for this. The Pantera and STP CD/DVD sets are only $5.99 a piece. They are more money on BMG or it takes 2 vouchers to get them for free plus shipping.

You can cancel anytime which is a plus.

speedyray 12-22-04 05:46 PM

Well, I like this idea better than BMG, because I can order just one and get a decent deal - anytime - same way I (and many others) prefer DV2 to the hassle of columbia house. The club is only a good deal to sign up, after that I never felt it was that great.

About the cheapest I ever got after joining was buy 1 get 3 free and that worked out to around 7+ a CD. Even signing up is just about 50-75 cents a disc cheaper. I was a member forever, still am about a decade now, so i usually get the best offers. This beats that. I easily average at least a CD a month that I buy anyways. I guess if there is not a lot of music you want it is not a good deal.

Its not going to set the world on fire, but it is a convienient and decent deal IMHO.

tonyc3742 12-22-04 06:03 PM

That's a neat idea. Perhaps on average the BMG/CH deals are slightly better, but the S/H on the later purchases probably hurt the average. Plus if you don't want 5 or 7 or 13 CD's at once, this is a good way to 'ration' your purchases so you can enjoy each one.
But they fall down [for me] in one regard: "No matter what type of music you're looking for, you're guaranteed to find it at yourmusic.com. " Well, six of the 8 bands I just entered, had no results. Granted, they are somewhat esoteric bands, but still.

I wonder if their CD's are just like the ones you'd get at the store. Last time I was with BMG [admittedly years ago], they were 'no-frills', no lyrics, no insert, and it said 'BMG Music CLub' instead of a UPC.

potnoodlez 12-22-04 07:30 PM

I would say this site would be a good alternative to Columbia House because of their commitments, but you are only committed to buy one cd for BMG so that is the better deal for someone like me.

It's cheaper to do BMG even with their shipping costs. It averages about $4 a cd if you get 12 for 1 (11 free & 1 reg price) plus buy 1 get 3 free.

BMG's cds are just like the ones in store besides the BMG barcode.

Hollowgen 12-23-04 04:31 AM

Yeah, it is BMG. (Copyright 2004 BMG Direct, Inc. All Rights Reserved. )

In the long run, the great "deal(s)" can't possibly be any better than their normal club. I'll just stick to my average of $5 per cd with my frequent memberships to BMG, especially considering they have exactly the same stuff.

creekdipper 12-23-04 06:25 AM

Several ways this can be a good deal:

(1) Box set prices are very reasonable considering the free shipping (BMG base prices for these are cheaper...UNTIL you add the shipping).

(2) Some multi-disc CD/DVD sets are cheaper this way. For instance, BMG and Columbia will usually count them as 2 selections on enrollment packages and they charge more for them (usually $24.98 and up) if you're thinking of buying them as your obligation/fulfillment CD's. I plan to get CD/DVD sets from Indigo Girls, Tom Petty, Tori Amos, and others. Maybe we should start a thread listing these "better deal" multi-disc CD's which are only $5.99.

(3) As others have mentioned, it's really handy to simply order one CD for $5.99 instead of waiting to enroll again and loading up. Personally, I can always select CD's which can be resold to balance the CD's I actually want to add to my collection. However, not everyone has outlets for resale, and they don't want to order a bunch of CD's just to get the few they really want at the time. Even I have times when a friend is looking for a particular CD or I want to buy a present for someone, etc....or maybe I just have a hankering for a CD (maybe need one to make a compilation, etc.) and don't want to wait until the next Buy 1 get 3 free sale. Heck, if you saw some of these newer CD's at Circuit City for $5.99 TOTAL price, wouldn't you pick them up??

In conclusion, just as with any CD/DVD club deal, this can work to your advantage if you play it smart. Jut be sure to put some CD's in your queue to avoid the monthly charge with no CD. I plan to join as soon as I finish this post...which is right now.

IamHydrogen1 12-23-04 11:19 AM

I agree, this is a good deal.

I did notice that Jeff Buckley, Neil Young and Tori Amos all had DVD/CD sets available for $5.99. Also, many of the reissued Bob Dylan CDs are listed, which are SACD hybrid format.

Hollowgen 12-23-04 01:19 PM

curious... why did this music club thread get moved to "dvd clubs" ?

bigjim25 12-23-04 03:56 PM

I took the plunge and ordered several $5.99 titles with bonus DVDs
Poison: Poison's Greatest Hits: 1986-1996 (w/DVD)
Ice Cube: Greatest Hits (w/DVD)
Pat Benatar: Best Shots (w/DVD)
Rob Zombie: Past, Present & Future (w/DVD)
Various Artists: Girls Gone Wild Music Vol. 1 (1 CD/ 1 Bonus DVD)
Stone Temple Pilots: Thank You (1CD/1DVD)
Janet Jackson: All For You (Limited Edition w/DVD)
Nickelback: Silver Side Up (w/DVD)

Plus I ordered some box sets, (a few of which are OOP*)
Marty Robbins: The Essential Marty Robbins 1951-1982 $11.98*
Hank Williams, Jr.: Living Proof-The MGM Recordings $17.97*
Merle Haggard: Down Every Road $23.96
Don Williams: Anthology $11.98
Conway Twitty: Collection $23.96
Elvis Presley: From Nashville To Memphis - The Essential 60's Remasters I $29.95
Elvis Presley: Elvis The King Of Rock 'N' Roll-The Complete 50's Masters $29.95
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Lynyrd Skynyrd $17.97
Jimmy Buffett: Boats, Beaches, Bars, and Ballads $23.96
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: S.R.V. (3 CD/ 1 DVD) $17.97
ABBA: Gold (Deluxe Sound & Vision) (2 Cd/1 DVD) $11.98
Bob Marley & The Wailers: Legend (Deluxe Sound & Vision) (2 CD/1 DVD) $11.98
Kansas: Sail On - The 30th Anniversary Collection 1974-2004 (2 CD/1 DVD) $11.98
Waylon Jennings: RCA Country Legends-Waylon Jennings $11.98
Waylon Jennings: Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line: The RCA Years $11.98*

I buy mostly box sets so I think these are good deals. Most of the ones I got aren't in Columbia House and s/h is too high on sets

creekdipper 12-23-04 06:40 PM

Thanks for the heads up on the box sets and CD/DVD sets (I had totally forgotten about the Jeff Buckley, for instance...need to do better searching on the website).

LurkerDan 12-24-04 12:55 AM

Originally Posted by Hollowgen
curious... why did this music club thread get moved to "dvd clubs" ?

I'm wondering the same thing...

potnoodlez 12-24-04 12:03 PM

I am going to order STP, Poison, and Pantera's cd/dvd sets. Anyone know of any other good rock cd/dvd sets?

atlantamoi 12-24-04 04:35 PM

Do you know if a box set or any disc priced higher than $5.99 can be used as the automatic monthly shipment?

fryinpan1 12-24-04 07:04 PM

Originally Posted by potnoodlez
I am going to order STP, Poison, and Pantera's cd/dvd sets. Anyone know of any other good rock cd/dvd sets?

Nickelback: Silver Side Up (w/Live at Home DVD)
Rob Zombie - Past, Present, & Future (Bonus DVD)
The Used - Maybe Memories

bigjim25 12-24-04 09:27 PM

Originally Posted by atlantamoi
Do you know if a box set or any disc priced higher than $5.99 can be used as the automatic monthly shipment?

No only $5.99 titles

Originally Posted by potnoodlez
Anyone know of any other good rock cd/dvd sets?

Change the search feature from ARTIST to ALBUM and then enter DVD. There's 90+ to choose from.

jetflair 12-24-04 11:31 PM

Signing up...thanks.

namja 12-25-04 01:24 AM

Sorry for moving this to the DVD Clubs Forum (now moved back to the Hot Deals Forum). We will keep the CD clubs threads in the Hot Deals Forum. Yeah, there's even a sticky about the CH and BMG CD clubs in this thread:

DVD Talk Forums

[email protected] 12-25-04 01:53 AM

Thanks for letting me know about this club; as others mentioned, there are some decent deals to be had on box sets and CD/DVD combos. I ordered the Faces box ($24), and Elton John's SACD 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' ($12). And in queue is a Crowded House collection (CD + DVD for $6).

Also, the Stevie Ray Vaughn collection is a great deal! (3CD + 1DVD for $18). Too bad I already own it....

GatorDeb 12-25-04 01:59 AM

Why is Evanescence nowhere to be found?

Not on Napster, not on Rhapsody, not on iTunes, not on this, not carried by my library.


PopcornTreeCt 12-25-04 06:26 PM

I signed up and filled up my queue for 6 months. Was about to order from my BMG account but this is cheaper.

GatorDeb 12-25-04 07:44 PM

If you put DVD in the search box and search by album titles, you can see all the CD/DVDs combos they have (97).

Xbox69 12-29-04 07:05 PM

I got confirmation on my 1st CD today. It was shipped yesterday 12/28. Although it did say on the site that most in stock items are shipped within 72 hours of "your music date". Mine is the 23rd of each month. There may have a been just a slight delay with the holiday.

Stormfront13 12-30-04 09:55 AM

Ok, I am a little slow on this one but how can I get to DV2?

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