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Brian T 10-17-16 09:04 AM

The Quiet Earth (12/06/16)
Noticed some new-ish listings at Amazon in recent days, including this one from Film Movement Classics.


Not sure if it's a final list of supplements, but the listing says this includes a commentary by Neil deGrasse Tyson and film critic Odie Henderson, and a booklet with essay by academic/film critic Teresa Heffernan. I never did get the earlier DVD version; is any of this stuff just being ported over?

Listing at Film Movement's site:

zyzzle 10-18-16 05:22 PM

Re: The Quiet Earth (12/06/16)
Some interesting titles there, but... they've got a lot of gall trying to sell them at $30 each.

I'm a fan of THE QUIET EARTH, and I'm only willing to pay $10-15 for that title. I can't say that they will sell many at $30 with no pre-order discount!

milo bloom 10-19-16 09:55 AM

Re: The Quiet Earth (12/06/16)
I picked up a DVD of this years ago from a closing Blockbuster and I've never watched it. Is this really that great?

zyzzle 10-19-16 03:42 PM

Re: The Quiet Earth (12/06/16)
It is a nice end-of-world pic, decent but not great. Half OMEGA MAN and half MAD MAX, with a little bit of WALKABOUT thown in. I'd rate it 6 / 10. Hence it's not worth $30 to me.

bunkaroo 10-19-16 03:56 PM

Re: The Quiet Earth (12/06/16)
I remember blind buying this when it was out as a steelbook DVD IIRC. Sold it immediately after viewing it. Certainly not worth $30 IMO.

kd5 10-19-16 05:24 PM

Re: The Quiet Earth (12/06/16)
I have the steelbook DVD of The Quiet Earth, I like this movie even if the ending is a little weird, but I don't feel the need to upgrade it, especially at $30.

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