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Bootleg blu-ray curious to know

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Bootleg blu-ray curious to know

so at a salvation army store they had about 25 cheap Chinese bootleg blu-ray movies and all there movies where 4 for 5.50 so for about $1.37 i was curious too see what the quality was like and it turns out that they look to be that is just a 100% copy of the original blu-ray disc as they also have bonus features ect that come on the real blu-ray

but when i have seen bootleg dvds from china 99% of the time they just use downloaded dvdrips or cams or tv rips with no bonus features ect

so what i wanted to know could these blu-ray movies be real and just Chinese versions

or are the people who made these really getting a copy of the legit blu-ray disc or downloading the iso and making copys of it ?

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Re: Bootleg blu-ray curious to know

These are bootlegs, but I am not surprised that you found them at a thrift store as they can care less if they are legal copies or not.
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Re: Bootleg blu-ray curious to know

Man...I remember bootlegs. Man, did they suck...
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Re: Bootleg blu-ray curious to know

For me, Asian releases have no credibility as I can't tell the difference between what's legitimate and what isn't. I just don't buy them no matter how cheap they are.
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Re: Bootleg blu-ray curious to know

How do you know they're bootlegs? Are you just assuming that because they're Chinese discs?

There's legit Hong Kong/Taiwan/Chinese Blu-rays of movies. They're in the same Region A as the US, so will play in US players. They can have the same special features and everything, but will include Chinese subtitles, if not full Cantonese/Mandarin dubs.

It's possible they're legit, and the pawn shop priced them cheap because people are put off by the Chinese on the covers.
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Re: Bootleg blu-ray curious to know

Possible but unlikely. Most of the BD bootleggers seem to care more about quality than the average DVD bootlegger. Though from my understanding they usually aren't directly copying legitimate releases. They download pre-release HD rips taken from the net for the bootleg.
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Re: Bootleg blu-ray curious to know

Discussion regarding bootlegs will be allowed, links to bootleg DVD/blurays will not be, and in turn this thread will be closed
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