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TheDuke 06-29-11 03:46 AM

Horror movies: high def vs. VHS
So, this is kind of a weird question, and it might even belong in the movie forum, I'm not sure. Anyways, we can all obviously agree that blu-ray and seeing movies in high definition is great, but do you guys ever get the urge to watch movies (in particular old horror movies and science fiction movies) on VHS? I think it sort of adds to the atmosphere in some cases. I'm just curious if I'm the only one that appreciates the aesthetic value shitty picture quality can sometimes give.

JackBurton 06-29-11 06:48 AM

Re: Horror movies: high def vs. VHS
Probably better suited for Movie Talk. There is a small but passionate group that feels this way. If interested, I'd recommend checking out:

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VHS Dreams

Some dvdtalk chatter here:


NoirFan 06-29-11 08:16 AM

Re: Horror movies: high def vs. VHS
For scans/history of obscure VHS covers, check out:

VHS Wasteland

Video Company VHS Art

Jay G. 06-29-11 08:26 AM

Re: Horror movies: high def vs. VHS
The 2009 horror film House of the Devil actually released a P&S version on VHS last year. However, that was mostly to extend the 80s aesthetic of the film, rather than a preference for the format.


I think a preference for VHS copies of nearly any movie, when a DVD or Blu-ray copy of the same material exists, is going to be driven primarily by nostalgia, which means that it will gradually fade over time. VHS doesn't even have the "superior quality" argument that media like vinyl records have, which is part of what's kept vinyl an enduring niche product.

SethDLH 06-29-11 10:19 AM

Re: Horror movies: high def vs. VHS
And the 80s shot on video flick Sledgehammer which just received a DVD release in the recent months also had a very limited edition VHS release, but again that was just a little tie in with the movie and not a format preference.

Anyways to answer your question, if their is a dvd or a blu ray of the movie that doesn't completely suck the answer is no. Most VHS are cropped and many don't look very good in general. I'm all for keeping a horror movie how it should look in HD which is why I'm really upset at what Arrow has been doing with some of their BDs but I'd rather not have to watch a VHS if there is another choice.

That said I still own a few VHS of movies (mostly that I have no other choice with) and even pick up one of a movie I love just to have it if I find it for super cheap.

critterdvd 06-29-11 11:25 AM

Re: Horror movies: high def vs. VHS
Personally there are a few films that I personally think play better on smaller/grainer televisions - which VHS is perfect for. It's a nostalgia thing, but there is something about watching a well used VHS of a 50s creature feature of a 70s explotation film that really serves a purpose.

slimdude 06-29-11 03:40 PM

Re: Horror movies: high def vs. VHS
This is a different question, and believe or not, I periodically watch one of my old pirate VHS movies, that haven't been released on DVD, for old time sake, whenever I get in nostalgic mood. It's the same way when I'm listening to my music! I have many OOP (out of print) record albums by various artists, that are still not available on CD, and probably never will. Playing my record albums, sure bring back fond memories... Those were the good ole days! They don't make music like that anymore!

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