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Adam Tyner 08-22-09 08:04 PM

Re: Dexter: Season 3 8/18/09
Does anyone else's copy skip in the first episode? Right before the 10 minute mark, it jumps forward around thirty seconds then instantly jumps another 30 seconds. I've tried taking the disc out, wiping it down, etc., but I still have the same problem in the same place.

Gizmo 08-22-09 08:07 PM

Re: Dexter: Season 3 8/18/09
What player are you using?

Adam Tyner 08-22-09 08:12 PM

Re: Dexter: Season 3 8/18/09

I wonder if there's an error in one run or something. I've only been able to find one other reference on Google to this, but:


Mike86 08-23-09 12:36 AM

Re: Dexter: Season 3 8/18/09

Originally Posted by macnorton (Post 9657936)
I have the season one bonus disc...might see if I can eBay the bonus disc.

What was on the Season 1 bonus disc?

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