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Quake1028 03-18-08 07:29 AM

What are you getting 3/18?
Since we seem to be doing weekly threads now..... I have coming from Amazon:

Atonement HD DVD
Justice League: A New Frontier HD DVD
The Amateurs HD DVD

bunkaroo 03-18-08 07:43 AM

Just I Am Legend (Blu-Ray) on the HD front.

Didn't care for Atonement much in the theater or I would have picked it up.

On the non-HD side, FINALLY: Battlestar Galactica S3 :banana:

Nice break the next week or so after 7 Blu-Ray's last week.

Mr. Cinema 03-18-08 07:44 AM

I Am Legend BD arrives Wednesday from Amazon. Nothing else this week.

rexinnih 03-18-08 07:56 AM

I am Legend BD from Amazon.

BuckNaked2k 03-18-08 09:08 AM

Nothing for me.

dkny75 03-18-08 09:09 AM

Picking up I am Legend (BD), Atonement (HD), and Enchanted (BD).

Gizmo 03-18-08 10:16 AM


I Am Legend
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
30 Days of Night

I think thats it...unless there are some crazy sales.

Drexl 03-18-08 10:22 AM

Nothing yet, but I usually don't do blind buys these days, and I haven't seen the new releases.

buckee1 03-18-08 10:40 AM

I am Legend & Enchanted from Amazon.

candyrocket786 03-18-08 10:59 AM

Originally Posted by matome
I Am Legend

Still debating on Enchanted.

Same here.

fumanstan 03-18-08 11:00 AM

I Am Legend is coming from Amazon. I'll probably buy Enchanted from a B&M.

Hammer99 03-18-08 11:05 AM

Amazon just delivered:
Enchanted (BD)
I Am Legend (BD)

FantasticVSDoom 03-18-08 11:20 AM

Just Enchanted for me...

ScottsDvds 03-18-08 11:22 AM

Atonement HD DVD
Enchanted Blu-ray
I Am Legend Blu-ray
Justice League: A New Frontier HD DVD

jeffkjoe 03-18-08 11:27 AM

Enchanted Blu-ray via amazon.

RichC2 03-18-08 11:30 AM


Yavin 03-18-08 11:44 AM

Just picked up I am Legend (BD). Couldn't decide between the Best Buy (Canada) exclusive 2-disc BD or the Future Shop exclusive steelbook BD, so I bought both for now with the intent of returning one of them.

Anyone know the length/quality of the material on the bonus disc from Best Buy? It is the same as the bonus 3rd disc on their exclusive 3-disc SD edition of the film. Also, anyone know how it's packaged (2 disc BD case or just the bonus disc inside a sleeve)?

matome 03-18-08 11:51 AM

I Am Legend (Blu-ray)
Beowulf (Blu-Ray import)

nateman 03-18-08 12:13 PM


"I Am Legend (BD)"

E Unit 03-18-08 12:28 PM

Alf calls it. Picked up that and Enchanted with the $10 off coupon.

mazzystar 03-18-08 12:50 PM

I Am Legend BD and Atonement HD.

bookcase3 03-18-08 12:51 PM

I Am Legend (BD); Enchanted (BD); Atonement (HD DVD); Ice Storm (CC, SD).

Flynn 03-18-08 01:35 PM


I Am Legend (Blu Ray)
Enchanted (Blu Ray)
Battlestar Galactica Season 3 (SD DVD)
Gattaca (Blu Ray)

naitram 03-18-08 05:48 PM

Waiting for Atonement HD DVD from Columbia House.

I really want I Am Legend, and that Blu-ray is tempting, but just to be a bastard I'm trying to hold out for the HD DVD. :)

Roufuss 03-18-08 06:50 PM

I am Legend BD - Amazon
Ice Age BD (have to go pick up my Moviestop preorder from a few weeks back)
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown BD - Amazon
Enchanted BD - Probably snag this at Wal-Mart with the $10 off coupon because it ends up being about $13

Then I'll probably burn up the rest of my Moviestop credit on things like Blade Runner and I, Robot (on BD, of course).

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