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erichbergen 03-08-08 01:56 AM

Using the HD A3 with a 1080p TV...will I notice?
I'm getting a beautiful new Samsung 40" LCD 4069. It has 120 mhz and is 1080p. When using the HD A3 player with it, will it look crappy compared to if I had gotten the A30, or a Blu Ray player? Will even really notice the difference?

Jay G. 03-08-08 11:41 AM

It's definitely not going to look "crappy." It should look great

I'm guessing your question about the other players is about whether the 1080i output on the A3 is going to be noticeably lower quality than the 1080p output of other players. In practice, the difference between 1080i and 1080p input on a 1080p set is fairly negligible. It's still going to be displayed as 1080p on your screen, and the 3:2 pulldown removal is fairly straightforward from an HD DVD film source.

Drexl 03-08-08 11:44 AM

If your TV properly deinterlaces the content from 1080i to 1080p, it shouldn't look any different than it would if the player had 1080p natively. I can't comment on subtle differences between the chips used though.

BTW, it's up to you, but I would make sure that auto-motion plus, or whatever that TV calls it is turned off. This is that feature, found on many 120Hz TVs, that interpolates extra frames in between the real frames. A common observation is that it makes film look like video footage. Understand that this is an optional feature of 120hz TVs, and is not synonymous with 120hz. If you want to use it though, it's your TV.

Try and see if that TV has a mode to do 5:5 pulldown, which shows each of the 24 frames per second 5 times. This results in the most film-like presentation by eliminating the judder caused by 3:2 pulldown. I doubt the TV has it though, as many 120hz TVs don't, but check anyway.

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