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The Official HDM Disc Sale/Trade Thread #3

Old 06-19-08, 12:23 PM
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Blu-ray for trade:
Blackbeard (sealed)
Die Hard With a Vengeance (sealed)
Layer Cake (sealed)
Live Free or Die Hard (sealed)
Signs (sealed)

Blu-Rays wanted:
Blood and Chocolate
District B13
Messengers, The
Saawariya (highest want)
Sleepy Hollow

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Old 06-20-08, 08:24 AM
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Have: Transformers HD-DVD Sealed

Wants: Virtually any Blu Ray (make me an offer)
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Almost Famous Sealed Bluray UK Import $25 Shipped
No Country For Old Men
Enchanted (No movie rewards or slipcover)
PotC 3: At Worlds End (No movie rewards or slipcover)
Untraceable (sealed)
Next (HD Dvd)

Top Wants:
Be Kind Rewind
The Orphanage
i robot

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Meet the Spartans $18 Shipped
50 First Dates - $11 Shipped
Die Hard 2 (Sealed) $16 Shipped

Swordfish $10 shipped
King Kong (360 version) $8 shipped
The Frighteners $10 shipped
Shooter $15 shipped
Oceans Thirteen (Combo) $12 shipped
300 (Combo) $10 shipped
Friday Night Lights $10 shipped
Babel (Sealed) $11 shipped
Transformers (with slipcover) $13 shipped
Transformers (Sealed with Slipcover) $15
Billy Madison (sliced UPC) $11
Miami Vice (sliced UPC, Combo) $12
Children of Men (sliced UPC, Combo) $12
Full Metal Jacket (original version, Sealed) $10
Shrek the Third (disc has scratches and case is a bit beat up) $8 shipped


(All loose. Disc only in plastic case.)
All have a few minor scratches if even that.
$7 shipped each or sell all 5 for $30 shipped.

Blades of Glory
Knocked Up (combo)
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (Combo)
Clerks II (Disc 1 only. This is the movie and nearly all the special features)
School for Scoundrels.

V for Vendetta Best Buy Exclusive Set - Unopened with mask and 2 disc DVD set. - $55 shipped
Triloquist $12 Shipped
The Lather Effect $9 Shipped
Just Add Water $12 Shipped

Superman 2
The Wild Bunch
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Willy Wonka
Eyes Wide Shut
Twilight Zone
Monty Python
A Christmas Story
Dr. Seuss Grinch
No Reservations
Things We Lost in the Fire
Ant Bully
Happy Feet
Nacho Libre
Scooby Doo
P.S. I Love You
August Rush

Suburban Girl
The Other Boleyn Girl
Natural Born Killers
Life of Brian
Spider-Man Trilogy
Dirty Harry
Fools Gold
The Bucket List

Psych Season 1
My So-Called Life
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I have the folowing Blu-Rays for trade. Mostly looking for my wants, they are listed in the wish-lists in my sigs. Long time Gold Trader, 530 Perfect Feedback on ebay (waycoolcomics).

For Trade:

Pixar: Short Films Collection - Vol. 1
A Corpse Bride
A Scanner Darkly

My two main wants right now are The Longest Day (Blu) & The Other Boleyn Girl (Blu). Rest of my wants are in my sigs.
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Old 06-21-08, 03:22 PM
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Time running out...
I will accept HD/Blu Ray Trades for credit I have left on dvdplanet.
Take advantage of the current 20% off sale..
just submit you dvds and how much you would want(I have all the 5.99 HD ones from Ivideo)

k-gold trader
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HD-DVDs For Trade/Sale:
  • Alexander Revisited - The Final Cut (sealed)
  • Bourne Identity (sealed /w slash on UPC)
  • Darkman (sealed w/ sticker over UPC)
  • Eastern Promises
  • Full Metal Jacket (sealed)
  • The Italian Job (sealed)
$10 each, shipping included.

Interested in the following:
  • Batman Begins
  • Chronicles of Riddick
  • The Inside Man
  • The Last Samurai
  • Superman

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For Trade:
Con-Air BD (sealed)
Goodfellas BD (sealed)

(1 for 1)
Signs BD
Unbreakable BD
300 BD
Pixar Shorts BD
Men in Black BD
I, Robot BD

(2 for 1, if sealed)
There Will Be Blood
Be Kind Rewind
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Old 06-23-08, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by keyed
HD-DVDs For Trade/Sale:
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (sealed)
  • Dreamgirls (sealed)

$10 each which includes shipping.
I'll take those off your hands. I'll give you Troy (DC; sealed) and $10. YGM.

I'm located just north of the airport here in SA if you want to arrange a meeting rather than ship them.

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Old 06-23-08, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Goldberg74
I'll take those off your hands. I'll give you Troy (DC; sealed) and $10. YGM.

I'm located just north of the airport here in SA if you want to arrange a meeting rather than ship them.
PM Sent
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Originally Posted by keyed
PM Sent
PM'ed ya back.
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Gold Trader since 2000

Prices include shipping


The Departed (Sealed) $18
Big Fish (open but never viewed) $14
300 (watched once)$14
Blood Diamond $13
Stir of Echoes (watched once) $12
Rescue Dawn (watched once) $17


August Rush (Blu-Ray)
Unbreakable (Blu-Ray)
The Sixth Sense (Blu-Ray)
27 Dresses (Blu-Ray)
Batman Begins (Blu-Ray)
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (Blu-Ray)
The World's Fastest Indian (Blu-ray)
Spiderman I (Blu-Ray)
Spiderman II (Blu-Ray)
Man on Fire (Blu-Ray)
Into the Wild (DVD)
Winter Solstice (DVD)
Illusion (DVD)
The Spanish Prisoner (DVD)
Paperback Hero (DVD) AUS

Most other Blu-Rayís that I donít have.

Send Email for quickest response
[email protected]

I'm a Gold Trader
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HD DVDs $10 shipped each:

12 Monkeys SOLD
300 (combo)
Army of Darkness (combo)
The Big Lebowski SOLD
Children of Men (combo)
The Game SOLD
King Kong
The Thing
Tremors SOLD

OR take 'em all for $70 shipped.

I am a gold trader on the exchange forum. PM or email if interested.

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PM Sent

Originally Posted by True_Story1011
I'm only interested in HD & BD

The titles with the asterics (*) next to them are titles I'm :

a.) willing to trade multiple items on (depends on trade - mostly Foreign)
b.) highly interested in

Please contact me at - [email protected] or by responding on these posts. I will be updating these often...

Titles in BOLD type are newly added.

For Trade:


Disturbia HD ((SEALED))
Frighteners ((SEALED)) HD
Heartbreak Kid HD
Superman: The Movie HD ((SEALED))
Superman Returns HD


Alvin & The Chipmunks BD
Across the Universe BD
Casino Royale BD
Close Encounters of the Third Kind BD ((SEALED))
Cloverfield BD ((SEALED))

The Omen BD
The Rock BD
Spider-Man 3 BD ((SEALED)) Retail version not PS3 version
Sunshine BD ((SEALED))
There Will Be Blood BD ((SEALED))
30 Days of Night BD ((SEALED))
3:10 to Yuma BD
3:10 to Yuma BD ((SEALED))
27 Dresses BD


Faces of Death Collection OOP
The Gate OOP
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie Tin # RARE OOP
Night of the Living Dead - Millenium editio2n (Red case) AUTOGRAPHED by George A. Romero AND Night of the Living BREAD director Kevin S. O'Brien
Day of the Dead -Divimax edition AUTOGRAPHED by George A Romero
HellRaiser Lament Cube box set R2 (1-3 w/xtra's disc)

I'm interested in these films on HD or BD :

However if there is something that you have I'm willing to take a look!

Looking for:

Blu-Ray Disc Wants

Before the Devil knows your Dead BD
Bonnie & Clyde BD
A Bridge Too Far BD
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid BD
Dan in Real Life BD
Dirty Harry Ultimate Collection BD
Ice Age BD
Ice Age 2 BD
Jumper BD
Juno BD
The Longest Day BD
Man on Fire BD
Men in Black BD
National Treasure BD
Natural Born Killers BD
Night of the Living Dead BD
The Orphanage BD
Patton BD
Persepolis BD
Predator BD
The Professionals BD
Rambo: First Blood BD
Rambo: First Blood II BD
Rambo (2008) BD
Robocop BD
Ronin BD
Sand Pebbles BD
Signs BD
The Wild Bunch BD

HD DVD Wants

Atonement HD
Battle of the Bulge HD
Black Snake Moan HD
The Breakfast Club HD
Carlito's Way HD
A Christmas Story HD
The Cowboys HD
Daylight HD
Good Night and Good Luck HD
Grand Prix HD
Half Baked HD
Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban HD
In the Valley of Elah HD
Justice League - The New Frontier HD
Lady in the Water HD
Lethal Weapon HD
Lethal Weapon II HD
Lucky Number Slevin HD
Mission Impossible HD
Mission Impossible III HD
Mutiny on the Bounty HD
The Omega Man HD
Ray HD
Reds HD
Scent of a Woman HD
Seabiscuit HD
Spartacus HD
Star Trek - The Orginal first Season HD
The Sting HD
Syriana HD
Things We Lost in the Fire HD


Almost Famous (BD)
Black Narcissus (BD)
Great Expectations (BD)
I'm a Cyborg (BD)
In My Fathers Den (BD)
Internal Affairs (JP BD)
Jeepers Creepers (BD)
King Kong (French HD)
The Machinist (Japanese HD or BD)
Monster (BD)
The Motorcycle Diaries (UK HD)
Paranoid Park (BD)
Perfect Creature (BD)
Reniassance (German HD)
Revolver (BD)
Shrooms (BD)
Seventh Seal (UK BD)
Sexy Beast (UK HD)
Sweeney Todd - Steel Book (BD)
Thir13en Ghosts (BD)
Tideland (German HD)
To Live and Die in L.A (BD)
Trainspotting (HD)
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I know it's highly unlikely, but if any of you have the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Blu-ray import, I'm interested in it. I'll either straight up pay you via PayPal if the price is right, or I'll use some of my DVDPlanet credit to buy something (things) and have it shipped straight to you. The sale ends on the 29th, so if any of you are interested let me know.

If I can't get it from someone else, I'm likely going to break down and order it from XC.
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Old 06-27-08, 11:15 AM
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For Trade:
Rambo First Blood BR (SEALED)
Italian Job HD (SEALED)

Offer anything I dont have here:
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Longtime Canadian Gold Trader.

For Trade:


Eastern Promises (Sealed)
Atonement (Sealed)
Firewall (Sealed)
Aeon Flux
Knocked Up
Blade Runner 5 Disc Collection
Troy DC
Bourne Ultimatum (BBV PPV Bilingual Cover)

HD DVD Imports

First Blood Part II (Australian Release)
Rambo III (Australian Release)
Mulholland Drive (UK Release)

Want List

Looking for some concert HD DVDs, such as (but not limited to) Chicago/EWF, Heart, even Black Snake Moan. Interested in all sorts of stuff, so shoot me a list.
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Sealed Transformers HD-DVD will trade for virtually any BD or $12
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How does one man end of with 3 copies of 3:10 to Yuma?

Good prices though. I might buy a few from you.
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Originally Posted by True_Story1011

Pirates of the Caribbean:COTBP - Sealed w/Slipcase $17
Pirates of the Caribbean: DMP - Sealed w/Slipcase $16
Pirates of the Caribbean:AWE - Sealed w/Slipcase $16
I'll take all of those if you wouldn't mind.

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I have the following Blu-ray discs for sale or trade. Prices include shipping. PayPal, US customers only.

Superbad - 2 disc UR Extended Edition - $17
The Simpsons Movie - $17
Michael Clayton - $16
Casino Royale - $16
The Lookout - $16
Run Lola Run - $15
The Usual Suspects (sealed) - $16

Willing to trade for THESE TITLES ONLY!!!

A Bridge Too Far BD
The Longest Day BD
Eyes Wide Shut BD
The Dirty Dozen BD
The Elephant Man HD Import
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Have: Sealed HD-DVDs

King Kong
Bourne Identity
Sleepy Hollow
Four Brothers
Full Metal Jacket (Original Press)

Looking for $65 shipped for the entire set.
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FS: (Prices include shipping) All opened and watched once unless noted.

Meet the Spartans $15
50 First Dates $12

The Frighteners $10
Billy Madison (slit through UPC/Sealed) $10
Friday Night Lights $10
Miamai Vice (slit through UPC/Sealed) $12
Apollo 13 $10
IMAX Blue Planet $10

Will trade as well.

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I have several Blu-rays available for trade. I am open to any and all discs I do not have. Feel free to post lists of what you have. Worst thing I can say is no to a proposed trade.

Dirty Harry $18
I Know Who Killed Me $18
Shall We Dance? $13

Buy all 3 for $48.00 shipped

Some Wants (to give you some ideas):

Mr & Mrs Smith
Phone Booth
Vantage Point
Master and Commander
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