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m0vi3fan 02-26-08 12:41 PM

Suggestion for the HD-DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Sale/Trade Post
I was wondering if some of the regular posters in that thread would mind deleting their old posts. It gets a little confusing when scanning the thread's different pages and finding duplicates with minor changes or even movies that have already been sold/traded. It would just make it much easier for us to scan over the thread and also save us some time. Thanks.

Trevor 02-27-08 12:28 PM

Seconded. People should delete their posts after the trades/sales are done, or if they make a new post invalidating any of their old data.

But historically, people never do this. You could make it a forum rule, and remind people in every other post, and they won't. I've probably forgotten myself, and I consider myself a bit committed to the task.

Gypo66 02-27-08 01:13 PM

Frankly, I think there are now enough people trading BDs that a whole new trade forum should be set up for HDM.

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