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Pizza 02-16-08 11:24 AM

Will China's HD DVD format work in domestic Players?
It's sounding more and more like Toshiba will end their HD DVD format. If that is the case, I recall reading somewhere that China's HD format is based on HD DVD, with some nip and tucks to their software. Will their discs play in another country's HD DVD player? Will discs from another country play in their players? I'm curious because I have an HD DVD collection and player and wonder if this is a route we can take for future releases or if a player breaks.

Engel07 02-16-08 11:55 PM

"The not-so-secret secret is that a CH-DVD player is an HD DVD player whose laser is set at a different modulation. While you could never play an HD DVD on a CH-DVD player, it is physically more or less the same product. Manufacturing can happen side by side, using the same components such as processors and optical pick-ups."


Adam Tyner 02-16-08 11:57 PM

China's high-def format uses its own proprietary video codec.

Jay G. 02-17-08 01:41 AM

Originally Posted by Engel07
"The not-so-secret secret is that a CH-DVD player is an HD DVD player whose laser is set at a different modulation."

I don't think this is technically true. The laser for CH-DVD is the exact same wavelength as HD DVD. The formats do use different types of data modulation to store the date on the disc though.

In addition to the video codec Adam mentioned, the CH-DVD will also have a corresponding audio codec. The audio and video codecs used in HD DVD will be supported as well. However, CH-DVD will also use a different interactive format than HDi, as well as using a form of AES for encryption instead of AACS.

So in summary, a CH-DVD will not play in an HD DVD player. Likewise an HD DVD will not play in a machine designed solely to play CH-DVD. However, considering the physical disc structures between the formats being identical, it's possible some CH-DVD players will have HD DVD support.

Cadrian 02-17-08 08:50 PM

From Wikipedia,

CH-DVD (China High Definition DVD) is a high definition DVD format announced in September 2007 by the Optical Memory National Engineering Research Center (OMNERC) of Tsinghua University in China. Its format is compatible with those of HD DVD and can be played in an HD DVD player and vice versa. Its developer claim the format contains more copy protection features and is part of a big push by China to fight piracy.

Jay G. 02-17-08 11:23 PM

Originally Posted by Cadrian
From Wikipedia..

Unfortunately, Wikipedia isn't always correct, and in this case is wrong, as is sometimes the case with projects still in development.

From the ZD-Net China article cited at the bottom of Wikipedia's page:
HD-DVD is the column on the left, while CH-DVD (until recently called HD DVD for China), is on the right.

The third line is the difference in data modulation for the disc formats, the fourth line the difference in audio codecs, fifth line the difference in video codecs. The sixth line is the differences in the interactive technology, while the seventh line shows the differences in encryption.

Also, here are some text excepts, as translated by google:

CH-DVD originally known as HD DVD CHINA Only (China HD DVD version)....

However, copyright protection, Lu Datan statement that this is the most difficult, because of the state's requirement for encryption, it is impossible using AACS, therefore, is to develop their own standards of copyright protection technology.

CH-DVD discs in the physical structure and HD DVD discs, data modulation is not the same...

I earlier forecast of a Chinese version of the HD DVD standard has been proven, AVS CH-DVD is not the only supported video standards, CH-DVD still support VC1 and senior AVC and MPEG-2 encoding, producers will be able to choose, for the presentation of the CH-DVD discs are VC1 encoded on the production. In addition, the CH-DVD audio standard in the future will be added to China's own DRA audio standard, but in the basic platform CH-DVD and HD DVD the same, CH-DVD player can just as easily change to HD DVD player.
Note the differences in the formats, and how they mention that a CH-DVD player could be changed in production to a HD DVD player fairly easily, but that doesn't mean a CH-DVD player will play HD DVDs.

In this case, I see the differences between CH-DVD and HD DVD as similar to those between DVD and the original DIVX format, where DIVX was based on the same basic technology, but had differences that prevented it from DIVX discs being played on plain DVD players. It may have been possible that US HD DVD players may have added CH-DVD support at some point, but that doesn't seem likely now.

I think I'm now going to go change the Wikipedia article.

cmvolt 02-18-08 03:40 AM

Originally Posted by Adam Tyner
China's high-def format uses its own proprietary video codec.

And they are WALMART exclusive and will be selling for less than $99 this Christmas !!!! CHINA FTW !!!!! :banana:

Grubert 02-18-08 05:16 AM

[T]he promotion of CH-DVD (China high-definition DVD), a high-definition format specifically developed for the China market, may be snagged due to the abandonment of HD DVD, the sources pointed out. The CH-DVD standard is built on modifications to Toshiba's HD DVD standard, the sources noted. In order to promote CH-DVD, the Optical Memory National Engineering Research Center (OMNERC) and nearly 20 China-based makers, including TCL, Haier, Tsinghua Tongfang and Bu Bu Gao, set up the China High Definition DVD Industry Association in September 2007 and planned to roll out CH-DVD players by the end of May 2008, the sources indicated. CH-DVD passed certification by the DVD Forum on February 28, 2007, the sources added.

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