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gutwrencher 11-27-07 04:21 PM

MGM-HD on DirectTV glitch
For those of you who are enjoying the awesome new HD channel, MGM-HD, have you had any problems? I've noticed that almost every film I watch, live or recorded, there is at least 1 video/audio blackout lasting 2 seconds. It's usually twice per showing. Along with that, there is also multiple audio stutters and skips. The MGM logo remains on the screen, though, so it appears to be a source problem. They are a new channel, so hopefully, it will be worked out. Just wondered if anyone else has been watching. I have the new H21-700 dvr/reciever.

HDNetMovies also has been serving up stuttering audio. Hope it's not my new dish or the H21.

Giles 11-28-07 08:30 AM

I caught the tail end of High Society on HDNet Movies the other day and my jaw was on the floor in terms of clarity and print quality - has MGM-HD been showing more musicals from their back catalog of films?

ok, I wish I had DIRECT, cause MGM-HD is airing Pier Paolo Pasolini's masterpiece Arabian Nights the full uncut NC-17 version on Thursday morning :drool:

(and on Sunday Wil Vinton's animated: The Adventures of Mark Twain, and Kenneth Branagh's Henry V at noon EST - and Monday airings of Jean De Florette/Manon of the Spring - come on MGM, and get your act together and release this stuff on disc!)

my only beef with HDNet Movies recently was that it didn't record the ending of Oliver! - I can't tell if that's HDNet's timing was off or my DV-R :mad:

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