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Fincher Fan 04-03-07 03:26 AM

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Blu-ray Possible
While I'm sure most of you would have already seen this or otherwise guessed it, it's news to me.

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Blu-ray Possible
By Kris Graft

Microsoft isn’t so anti-Sony that it wouldn’t offer up an Xbox 360 Blu-ray solution if the format beats out HD DVD.

Xbox UK boss Neil Thompson told BBC News, “Whatever format wins it is highly likely we will offer a solution.”

Microsoft enjoys downplaying the PlayStation 3’s Blu-ray movie playback ability, often saying that Sony is forcing consumers to adopt a pricey feature that they don’t necessarily want.

"The only debate is if you want to watch Blu-ray movies and pay the extra money for that feature. We prefer to offer the consumer choice,” he added.

Microsoft currently offers a $200 Xbox 360 peripheral that plays Blu-ray rival HD DVD discs.

This isn't the first time that Microsoft has hinted that it would be willing to adapt to a Blu-ray world. Xbox head Peter Moore himself said a Blu-ray add-on would be possible, but also made clear that Microsoft is still firmly behind HD DVD.

Source: http://www.netscape.com/viewstory/20...3D2&frame=true
Of course while it's no surprise the 360 is powerful enough to decode BD, it's interesting that they would look at releasing a drive for it.

REL77 04-03-07 06:36 AM

Wasnt there a retractment to this statement like the next day or something. I know i read something somewhere (probably PR spin) about how they are sticking with HD-DVD and blah blah blah...

speedyray 04-03-07 06:37 AM

That is just common sense. If HD DVD dies, they have to keep their options open - they are out to make money. Do you really think that if BD dies, Sony would not start making HD DVD units.

Gizmo 04-03-07 07:45 PM


Mr. Cinema 04-03-07 08:26 PM

This would be the same case if Pioneer said "well, if Blu-ray loses the format war, we would likely make HD DVD players, to, ya know, make money".

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