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wergo 02-23-07 09:06 PM

Why bonus material on HD side of hybrid discs?
This may be a stupid question, but I'm just starting to dip my toes in the HD waters.

Just bought the HD/DVD combo disc of 'The Departed' and I'm very confused as to why the bonus features are included on the HD side, and not the NTSC side. (Actually, I'm also confused as to why they're not on a second disc, just like the standard edition) Is there more free data space on the HD side or something? I would have thought the ideal would to pack the bonus material on the NTSC side to make space for a higher transfer rate on the HD side.

Is this just a marketing decision, or is it actually advantageous to squeeze the HD side instead of the NTSC?

Supermallet 02-23-07 09:16 PM

Actually, most combos do put the extras on the SD side, so I'm surprised to hear The Departed omits them from the SD side.

darkside 02-23-07 10:41 PM

Yeah, usually they are identical to the DVD version disc 1.

Adam Tyner 02-23-07 11:03 PM

Originally Posted by wergo
Is this just a marketing decision, or is it actually advantageous to squeeze the HD side instead of the NTSC?

More often than not, it seems like it's been the opposite -- the SD side had the extras and the HD side might have a commentary, if that.

I don't know how The Departed combo disc compares with the standard definition DVD release (if I were less lazy, I guess I could grab it off my shelf and look :)), but with very few exceptions, the DVD side of the combo disc is essentially identical to the first disc of the standalone DVD release. Same encode. Same audio. Same menus. Same extras.

Sometimes you do lose extras, though. The new 2-disc DVD release of Brokeback Mountain had most of its extras on disc two, but since the DVD side of the combo disc was the same as disc 1 of the 2-disc set, only HD DVD owners could access most of its extras.

digitalfreaknyc 02-23-07 11:28 PM

The DVD side is just the same mastering as the regular DVD. In this case, The Departed had a 2 disc set and the mastering on the DVD side is the 1st DVD in that set. That's why there's only certain extras on it.

Other combos may have all the extras because the SD DVD release is a 1 disc set. In the case of a 2 disc set, we'll just get the 1st disc on the SD DVD side.

I guess when they did the encode of the Departed on DVD, there was room for all those extras. It did look good. ;)

paulbh 02-24-07 06:16 PM

I think the first few combo discs were single sided on both sides (15GB HD/9 GB SD). With only a single HD layer they had to put extras on the SD side due to space limitations. Now that 30GB HD/9GB SD discs are in use, this generally is no longer an issue and extras can fit on the HD side.

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