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Mercury&Solace 01-30-07 01:10 AM

Your Blu-ray wish list / "When will _______ be on Blu-ray?"
One of my all time favorites as a kid, and currently #1 on my list of most desired DVD's in any format. How about, whoever owns the rights to this movie, lets skip the standard release and go to straight to HD.

From Wiki

As of October, 2006, the movie is not available on DVD and no known plans exist to have it released. Various types of bootleg copies are, however, frequently sold on online sites. The best quality version is taken from an HD screening from Voom's Monsters HD Channel, and while cropped slightly to 1.85:1 from the original aspect ratio of 2.35:1, still provides much more image clarity than the earlier bootlegs taken from 4:3 VHS or Laserdisc sources. Fred Dekker recently urged any interested fans to write the copyright holders via snail-mail. [1]

Whoever has Voom and was able to catch this I :drool: :drool: :drool: you.



marcellusk 01-30-07 01:15 AM

I'll take it on blu ray!!!!!!

LivingINClip 01-30-07 06:53 AM

My wife was actually just bugging me about this release the other day. I've never even friggin heard of it, until then.

Adam Tyner 01-30-07 09:15 AM

HD DVD / Blu-ray wish lists -- what do you want to see come out?
It's not my favorite of his film, but fingers crossed that Paramount's special edition DVD re-release of Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief in May will make it to HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Mr. Cinema 01-30-07 09:49 AM

-Event Horizon (2-disc dvd looked fantastic, with a rockin' DTS mix)
-Breakdown (this still doesn't have a proper anamorphic widescreen transfer on dvd)
-3 Days of the Condor (barebones dvd is all we have)
-Jack Ryan films
-Deep Impact
-Tomb Raider 2
-The Nutty Professor (Jerry Lewis version)
-The Truman Show


-True Romance
-Twister (where the hell is this one?)
-Ben Hur
-Gone With the Wind
-The Wizard of Oz
-Batman 1 & 2

-Boogie Nights

-All classic monster releases, including Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
-Back to the Future
-Elizabeth (I think Universal owns this former Polygram title)

digitalfreaknyc 01-30-07 09:55 AM

wasn't there already a thread out there like this?

Oliver Clothesoff 01-30-07 10:06 AM

Too many to list. But mostly I'd like David Lynch's filmography and the Kubrick discs can't get here soon enough.

Paramount would get on my Xmas card list if they decide to release the Complete Twin Peaks on HD-DVD.

Mr. Cinema 01-30-07 10:48 AM

And I believe The Digital Bits said Paramount will focus more on day & date titles this year, so I'm not hopeful about many catalog releases from them.

digitalfreaknyc 01-30-07 10:52 AM

Originally Posted by Mr. Cinema
And I believe The Digital Bits said Paramount will focus more on day & date titles this year, so I'm not hopeful about many catalog releases from them.

Jigga already commented on AVS that we won't be seeing many, which is really too bad.

DVD Josh 01-30-07 11:31 AM

Every movie presently on DVD.

Arpeggi 01-30-07 11:56 AM

Just Brazil.

The Bus 01-30-07 12:03 PM


I'll take DVD Josh's answer too.

FantasticVSDoom 01-30-07 08:49 PM

Originally Posted by DVD Josh
Every movie presently on DVD.


Zen Peckinpah 07-15-07 03:40 PM

New Line Wish Lists?
I was watching Boogie Nights on my plasma downstairs the other night, and visually the film is perfect, but it got me wondering that this would look eye-popping in HD since some stuff looked a bit off-kilter. However, New Line is the only major studio with no released or rumored titles as of yet, so I thought I'd ask what everyone had on their wish lists from the studio (besides the obvious answer, which I don't really want). My list:
  • Domino
  • American History X
  • The Long Kiss Goodnight
  • Austin Powers (first one)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
  • Magnolia
  • Menace II Society (the unrated version preferably)

Sessa17 07-15-07 03:46 PM

I need Blade in HD. It has IMO the best opening scene to any action movie to date.

rodzm 07-15-07 04:01 PM

Oh man can i get the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies...that would be awesome.

theWitcher 07-15-07 04:24 PM

Pink Flamingos, certainly.

16mm blown up to 35 and scanned at 4k: :drool:

bunnydojo 07-15-07 04:35 PM

Dark City

fryinpan1 07-15-07 04:56 PM

Every DVD I own from New Line I would be willing to rebuy in either HD DVD or Blu-ray. Whenever the studio wants my money for these titles in HD, let me know:

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Dumb and Dumber
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Extended Editions Only)
The New World
Pan's Labyrinth

Arpeggi 07-15-07 05:36 PM

Boogie Nights
Pan's Labyrinth
Dark City

Mr. Cinema 07-15-07 06:18 PM

One of the many rumors from AVS is New Line's first HD title will be Rush Hour 3. I'm expecting we'll also get recent films like Final Destination 3, Wedding Crashers, Fracture, The Number 23, and Snakes on a Plane.

I'd also like to see:

Freddy vs Jason
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre '03
Boogie Nights
Austin Powers
LOTR Trilogy
Dumb & Dumber
Nightmare on Elm Street series

Zen Peckinpah 07-15-07 08:52 PM

Damn! I knew I was forgetting something! Se7en and Pan's Labyrinth are musts for me in HD. Would also pick up the first and third Nightmare on Elm Streets (maybe New Nightmare as well).

Jray 07-16-07 01:12 PM

Originally Posted by Sessa17
I need Blade in HD. It has IMO the best opening scene to any action movie to date.

:thumbsup: 100% agree

I would also like the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Some of the others mentioned would be nice as well but I can wait.

Oliver Clothesoff 07-16-07 01:45 PM

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
A Nightmare on Elm Street
The Sweet Hereafter
The Cell (kinda iffy on the movie, but I bet it would amazing)

RichC2 07-16-07 01:45 PM

Dark City.

Uhm.. Dark City.

Oh yeah, Dark City.

Oh and Lord of the Rings: Extended cuts.

Oh and that long rumored Dark City: Directors Cut.

Wouldn't mind having the first Austin Powers either.

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