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AmonTwin 04-11-01 02:47 PM

I never used to have any problems whatsoever with this site, but now whenever I come to this site, it loads up for about 20 seconds and then crashes and I get the "The page cannot be displayed" message. I have to keep pushing my back button at that point and continue for another 20 or so seconds when it happens again. I am using IE 5.0 and always have with no problems until the last few days. Just writing this message alone, it has happened four or five times already. Anybody have any ideas what I can do to fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated. It is becoming incredibly annoying....

Scott27 04-11-01 02:55 PM

That was happening to me Monday afternoon, but it's been working fine ever since. Although for me, the site would load for about 5 seconds, then I would get the DNS error. I'm on IE 5.00.2314.1003IC.

GeoffK 04-11-01 03:04 PM

We are working on an issue with our ad server as I type this message.

We hope to have this resolved today.

Jackskeleton 04-11-01 11:27 PM

Same thing is happening to me, and has been happening. i press the Back button and it gets me back in the thread.

Glad to hear your ontop of it :)

always a pleasure being on the site. :)

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