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DVD Smurf 04-10-01 10:33 PM

Add a lock system to the posting of threads where the person who posts can lock the thread with a password that can open the thread as well. Sort of ownership on the thread. :)

Maybe this is wrong too, but it was just an idea.

dek 04-10-01 11:13 PM

This is a good idea, for the coupon codes. That way, someone has to register in order to view and not all the lurkers can leech the codes.

Soup Nazi 04-10-01 11:35 PM

Or just say - first member that posts, gets it ...

Master J 04-11-01 01:12 AM

There just seems like there would be too much abuse of the system, if it were taken out of solely the moderators hands. People would lock their own threads over the slightest thing, or just to be funny. The original poster can delete their thread right now, so this serves as a partial solution if a thread has gone way way off topic. If a thread gets to the point where it needs to be locked, it probably should be deleted anyway or a moderator contacted.


exm 04-11-01 05:25 AM

Originally posted by Soup Nazi
Or just say - first member that posts, gets it ...
I agree... Posting codes doesn't make any sense because lurkers hang around...

dek 04-11-01 01:06 PM

Oops, I misread :D

What I was trying to say was, some threads like the Coupon codes and such, you should be forced to enter your password or if your cookies are enabled, you would be able to view the thread. That way it keeps the lurkers out and the codes for members, or they join and the membership for the site goes up :D

Heat 04-11-01 01:25 PM

I agree with Master J in that there would be abuse, but if it is made that once locked, a thread cannot be unlocked, I think a lot of the abuse would go away. An alternative would be to make it one of the moderators priorities to lock threads at the request of the original poster (with the notation "locked at the request of the originator" or something like that). Now, I don't know how much work this would add to their other duties, but if it not too much work a trial period would be nice. The moderator would presumably be able to stop frivolous lock requests.

As far as lurkers taking codes go, note that many people who are posting the codes are first time posters, thus they are lurkers who joined in order to add something to the thread. I still think people should say "first person to respond with an e-mail will get this post" rather than posting the code itself, but it is ultimately up to the person giving away the code.

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