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jonathan.e 04-10-01 12:58 PM

In 4.6 I?m getting pages hanging with only 9 bytes loaded and in Netscape 6 it flashes up an error message multiple times saying "the connection was refused when attempting to contact ads.kleinman.com:8081 and every action (thread opening, new forum etc) brings up the same message. FWIW the forum as a whole has been loading waaaay slower for me lately and it seems to be related to the aforementioned ads, or are these the pack shots at the top of the page?

Any thoughts Geoff?

Boot 04-10-01 01:04 PM

I'm having problems with IE also. None of the ads appear, replaced with a "The page you are looking for cannot..."

The annoying thing is that they all load as separate pages so that when I try to click my back button, I have nine multiple pages. Odd.

bfrank 04-10-01 01:31 PM

Its also killing the back button in IE5

DodgingCars 04-10-01 01:46 PM

major annoyance
I thought it was just me and I rebooted. Then when I ran into the same problem, I decided to check here.

this sucks. Hope it gets fixed soon.

renaldow 04-10-01 02:12 PM

I'm getting it in Netscape 4.7 too. In Netscape just disable java and javascript, it works fine.



BT 04-10-01 02:39 PM

I'm getting the ad banner problem as well like Boot and brank. I'm using IE 5.5, and it is killing the back button..

Any ideas?

Edit: Thanks for the tip renaldow, disabling java and java-scripting in the IE security settings works as well, just can't see the ads now.

Edit 2: The Ad banners are behaving properly now... Turned Java and scripting back on, no problems... hmmm..

[Edited by BT on 04-10-01 at 04:27 PM]

rabbit77 04-10-01 02:43 PM

The odd thing is, it only kills the back button on dvdtalk, not on other websites. I'm on IE 5.5.

Soup Nazi 04-10-01 02:50 PM

I think the clicking noise is kind of cool ...


Applejack 04-10-01 03:33 PM

my back button has been messed up for the past week or so.

I installed IE 5.5 and it appears to be working okay now. I'm not sure which IE I had before. At least I'm not getting those stupid error messages from the ad page anymore :)

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