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Original Desmond 04-08-01 07:53 PM

Not me but others seem to be posting in the wrong forums

i reckon combine them now, the traffic isn't excessively high

BoatDrinks 04-08-01 07:59 PM

Yes, I was wondering about this, too. Is there still that much traffic regarding "currently released" films?

I'm nit sure, but seems as if the At The Movies Forum has really dropped off since MMM. ?

Josh H 04-08-01 10:56 PM

I wouldn't combine them because I like having several narrowly defined forums. It makes finding info easy. I can go to At The Movies and find threads about movies currently in theaters. If you combined them I'd have to dig through countless threads about old movies and a ton of polls to find these threads. I think At The Movies could be renamed to something a little clearer. Maybe "In Theaters Now" or "Now Playing" or "Now Screening." Some people would still post in the wrong place regardless of what we named it, however making it a little more clear might help. I know "At The Movies" seems pretty obvious, however some people (*cough*Jackskeleton*cough* ;)) asked what the difference between "Movies, Movies, Movies" and "At The Movies" were back when the new forum first opened. It's reasonable to assume that other people, especially newbies, have the same question and don't bother asking.

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