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pmwhelan 04-03-01 11:45 AM

by Flay, whats up with this?
Do people get banned anymore?

foxdvd 04-03-01 12:32 PM

Well lets be fair. If he did attack you, the best thing to do is email the mod of that forum, or an adm. I did not read the thread, so I can not say if he did or not. If there was already a thread here about the subject, it would be cool to post in it, but to start one, saying the adm and mods here are not doing their job, is not the best thing to do. If he did attack you, and it is his first time, he will prob just get a warning. I still think you would get faster results if you emailed a mod.

The best course of action would have been to email a mod, and post a link to the thread here, but not say the adm is not doing their job, just a link to the thread, and what the attack was.

BadAsh 04-03-01 01:09 PM

pmwhelan I went back and read through the thread you referenced and noticed that I had even posted there a couple of times (in support of what you oppose). I checked out the posts by Flay and I really don't think he was personally attacking you. If anything Flay as well as others were poking fun at the fact that you posted a "bootleg legitimacy" thread in the "Bargains" forum. I myself thought that didn't make much sense.

Your argument in the thread is as viable as any for the topic of a discussion either in "DVD Talk" or another general discussion form but didn't really belong in the "Bargains" forum.

While I oppose your view on the subject of your thread I did objectively look over the thread and I don't think you were attacked. I have been around here for a long time now (lurking and posting). In the time I have spent at DVD-Talk I have seen some royal a$$ chewing going on and I have seen alot of tongue and cheek ribbing. The comments made to you by Flay if anything look like the remarks of a stoner who was dealing with a major munchies attack. I wouldn't take it personally.

Yo Flay, no offense, with the above comment... I actually thought it was funny when I first read your post. :)

pmwhelan, I am sorry you feel like you were abused in that thread but it happens all the time. Heck, I have made comments here that have brought on some serious a$$ chewing... I remember one such thread that left my butt raw for a week (or more) but everything evens out later. Your views today may oppose everyone else's. Tomorrow you could be right on target with the rest of the flock.

Maybe some of the so called "attacks" were deleted or changed so it doesn't look bad now but if not I just have to think that you may be taking things too serious.

In case you have missed recent discussions, Geoff is severely apposed to personal attacks and has instructed all mods to be on the lookout and I know recently there were some suspensions for such.

foxdvd is right though... in the future if you truly feel you were unjustly attacked here at DVD-Talk you should personally E-Mail the mod for that particular discussion forum.

My best recommendation is to take things with a grain of salt here. Everybody wakes up on the wrong side of the bed eventually and the guy that rips you a new one today may be your best supporter tomorrow. I myself have been involved in threads where I may disagree with someone so much that I post somewhat harsh remarks and then after a post by the "target" find myself seeing his/her point and coming to an agreement. Heck, I can remember several times that me and renaldow went round and round in one thread and now we pretty much see eye to eye on alot of things and back each other up in more threads than I can remember.

What I am saying... with this incredibly long post is that you shouldn't live your life here or outside in the real world as if your body is a sheet of glass, if you do then the occasional crazed DVDTalker will just knock you down and leave you in shatters. Alot of people here love to do that. Don't take things so seriously and think about things a little more before creating threads here in the "Feedback" forum just to complain about another member. Go through the chain of command and file a grieveance with the appropriate mod.

Okay, I'm done. :D

BadAsh 04-03-01 01:14 PM

One more thing...
If you take a look in the "Other" Forum on any given day in any given thread you will find that personal attacks and general ribbing is the norm there. If anything you might have found yourself under an "Other" forum attack. :)

kinky 04-03-01 01:30 PM


pmwhelan 04-04-01 04:35 AM

Badash, it was the "you have flamed yourself retarded" remark that got me, thanks for your thoughts

BadAsh 04-04-01 08:42 AM

Originally posted by pmwhelan
Badash, it was the "you have flamed yourself retarded" remark that got me, thanks for your thoughts

Yeah, while that one may have sounded bad it was obvious that he was just jabbing at you and not really "attacking" you.

As I said, it looked more like Flay was just irritated with the "wrong forum" post so he was just posting garbage in response... not really intending to "attack" you... at least I would hope that was the case.

If anything Flay's posts were retarded... but then again, it appears he was just playing/padding.

Master J 04-05-01 01:52 AM

I see where you are coming from pmwhelan, but banning some guy for a couple comments where no one knows his true meaning of the posts seems a bit extreme. I think a good way to deal with such situations is e-mail the mods, or for that matter just shoot a non inflamatory e-mail the way of Flay and dealing with the problem between yourselves. Sometimes we as humans tend to jump to extremes right off the bat, when there is a much simpiler solution.


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