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Master J 04-02-01 04:22 PM

It seems like any deal posted there above 10 dollars for a disc always gets at least one post saying "just buy it from Columbia House". The logic is fine on some releases, but the truth is alot of older and non mainstream titles never make it to Columbia House.

These posts add nothing to the thread whatsoever. For one, alot of people do not like to deal with club services nor do they like waiting all that time for their discs to become enrollment selections if and when they ever do.

At this point I think most people are fimiliar with Columbia House and if not there is a Columbia House thread always near the top of the Bargains Forum where you can be educated on the fine points of using the service. Threads are started most of the time to discuss a bargain at a specific store/online reatiler and not where they could maybe get a title down the road.


BadAsh 04-02-01 04:28 PM

Well, usually such posts are by the same people that post "IBTL" just to be stupid.

Its another one of those "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't".

I remember reading a thread a while back asking what your best deal was on a DVD Purchase. Several people wrote in saying Columbia House. Okay, I think the thread meant "bargain" or "deal" not scam on subscription service.

That is like so 10 minutes ago. :lol:

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