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Gonnosuke 03-31-01 03:55 PM


I think a Moderator should take a look at the post by Jules Winfield that's in the above thread because it seems to me that he's crossed the line between voicing his opinion and making a personal attack.

I don't mind being blasted by all the Other'ers that come crawling out of the woodwork when someone whispers something negative about the Other forum but I would prefer to not be personally attacked for my views.


SnoopDogg 03-31-01 03:57 PM

I agree some, but when someone calls you "CrapBoy" Do you really take it all in seriousness?

Gonnosuke 03-31-01 04:01 PM

Originally posted by SnoopDogg
I agree some, but when someone calls you "CrapBoy" Do you really take it all in seriousness?
No. But in this case I think you have to examine the context in which it was used and the rest of the post and thread in general.


SnoopDogg 03-31-01 04:06 PM

I just think with the name "crapboy" and the addition of :p , it seems "IN FUN". but I guess if you "Feel" this way a mod should do something.

but your probably just trying to make trouble :D

Bushdog 03-31-01 05:15 PM

I've already handled the situation in the Other Forum, but as Geoff runs Feedback, you'd be best to email him.

Jules was clearly joking. That said, he does not know what your limits are before you get offended, so he should have been more sensitive to the limits and not posted that.

I thought personal attacks were not allowed on this forum. Apparently that rule only applies to people who aren't regulars in the Other Forum.
And as for your accusations of favoritism, get over yourself. You insult moderators and then you come screaming for them to help.

Jules Winfield 03-31-01 08:08 PM

I was actually joking, Gonnuskekekskekese. :D I usually don't care at all what you have to say but someone in other said the other was being attacked so I dealt with it in a humorous way. It's weird that someone who enjoys Kim Deal's humor can't take being called a Crap Boy whioch is why I called you a crap boy. There are actually many merits to being a Crap Boy if you think about it. Just to please you, I'll call myself a crap boy and you can call me Crap Boy for the rest of your forum life. :D :D

P.S.-Also in response to favoritism, I must strongly disagree with you. I have been suspended and I got a warning the other week from Geoff. I actually do not know if I got a warning regarding this but let me get back with you and check my e-mail. Thanks.

P.S.S.-Stop by and visit the other sometime. We need an Archnemesis!! BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!
(Yes, this is a joke.)

Jules Winfield 03-31-01 08:24 PM

You know what my problem is, Gonnusuke? I joke about everything. I hardly ever call a person a name out of hatred or malice. It would take a lot more from you for me to personally attack you. Just take this I'm sorry as a sign of me saying that I'm sorry.(Jules tries to hold in his laughter as he types this.) ;) :D :D

El Scorcho 03-31-01 09:05 PM

Someone needs a hug.

RandyC 03-31-01 09:33 PM

When I get like that...it means I need more than a hug...but that's me.

RandyM 03-31-01 09:45 PM

The fact is some people do deserve more slack than others on this forum. Jules has provided much entertainment for me, a semi-lurker, along with many other Other people. Is it fair? No, but so freaking what. It is what it is. And to respond to another thread here, moderators should (and probably do) get even more slack. I usually only respond to threads I can provide some factual answers to questions, but if it wasn't for Jules and others giving me a laugh once and a while I certainly wouldn't be coming back as often.

RandyC 03-31-01 09:53 PM

Note to self: Cut RandyM a lot of slack. He appreciates mods and has a cool name.

RandyC (we are all Randy in a larger sense)

djones6746 03-31-01 10:17 PM

Originally posted by randyc
Note to self: Cut RandyM a lot of slack. He appreciates mods and has a cool name.

RandyC (we are all Randy in a larger sense)


I love mods!!!! :D

(that should guarantee leniency in the future) ;)

Robert 03-31-01 10:33 PM

you da man jules!!!!!!!!!

foxdvd 03-31-01 11:02 PM

Screw you, Jules Winfield !! I'll eat the other forum for mutha fuc*ing breakfast!!! Everyone inside the other forum(That's you, bushdag, aw I don't know how to spell) can't say we're crap, only us normal people can say we're crap, got it, CRAP BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.-What's wrong? Too chicken to confront us outside the other foum? :)

oh, and lets forget that I spend 30-40 percent of my time over there...that is uh..just to look at all the funny people.. :)

joltaddict 03-31-01 11:12 PM

Gonnosuke you threw out the first "crap" comment, Jules only tossed your own words back at you. Don't be an Apowers.

RandyM has a good point. If Jules and Soup Nazi weren't as amusing as they are would there be so much traffic in other?

foxdvd 03-31-01 11:39 PM

Well that thread should be closed at least, becuase I made the same post as a joke in the other forum, and it was closed..so if mods think it should not be a post..then why let it cont. here?

RandyC 03-31-01 11:41 PM

foxdvd, because normally a mod can only close a thread in his forum.

FWIW, I don't know who closed your thread, but we do close threads with (even censored) swear words in the thread title.

RandyC 03-31-01 11:43 PM

But I think you raise a good (of separate) point that this thread no longer serves a purpose that the original posted might have intended...and is not at this point a thread asking about forum feedback.

Geoff can always re-open this thread, but for now, I am closing it.


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