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namja 03-30-01 02:39 PM

Three of the forum names in the drop down menu at the top of pages are different than the actual forum names. The forums main page, the drop down menu at the bottom of pages, and the individual forums all have the correct forum names.

The discrepancies are:

Should be in bold and what it is in italics
Should be DVD & Home Theater Hardware but it says Home Theater Hardware
Should be Computer & DVD-Rom Forum but it says DVD-ROM and PC Hardware
Should be Forum Feedback & Suggestions but it says Feedback & Suggestions

Scott27 03-30-01 05:13 PM

Namja, I've noticed that as well. I've always assumed it was lack of space on the drop-down menu at the top to fit the "official" names.

Bushdog 03-30-01 06:08 PM

I thought Geoff was taking a deconstructionist approach to the forum names.

GeoffK 03-31-01 05:15 PM

I've updated them, but many of them are abreviations as the drop down box is really a short cut for power users :)

namja 04-01-01 12:02 AM

1. I didn't mind the discrepancies. Just making an observation.
2. I like the shortened names in the top drop down.
3. Geoff called me a power user. -wink-

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