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matchpenalty 03-28-01 12:13 PM

Can you make it possible that certain threads can only be viewed if you are a registered member?

When people give away coupons, lurkers take them and refuse to post they are used. I don't know if others feel this way, but when I post one time use ones, I would prefer they go to someone contributing to the forums.

I know the other way to handle it is to ask someone to post then email them, but that can be more cumbersome.

Was just wondering if this is possible.

Stats 03-28-01 02:59 PM

I for one hope it is not possible, b/c it's a bad idea. To me, the best way to contribute to DVD Talk is to click through to e-commerce sites, and I bet tons of lurkers do that. Would they be so willing to support DVD Talk if preference were shown only to those who've posted?

TaTTooD 03-28-01 04:15 PM

A person giving away a coupon could always say the first person to post in the thread will get the coupon. Then the person with the coupon can email it to the member that posted, thus not allowing the lurkers to snatch them up and use them. :)

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