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X 03-20-01 05:18 PM

All of a sudden I can't see any pages other than the home page using Netscape 4.76. I get the ad banner, but nothing else on the page. Did something change in the last hour or so? Other sites work. I'm using Netscape 6 right now and IE worked ok.

Alvis 03-20-01 05:23 PM

Same thing has happened to me. I am now using IE.

GeoffK 03-20-01 05:35 PM

Let me know if what I did fixed the problem.

X 03-20-01 05:37 PM

Yeah, that "fixed" it. Now I don't even get the banner. Just a blank page.

GeoffK 03-20-01 05:38 PM

OK... Try 1 more time.... Don't know what messed it up... So I am trying to fix it.

X 03-20-01 05:40 PM

Well, the banner's back. But that's it.

GeoffK 03-20-01 05:44 PM


X 03-20-01 05:46 PM

Sorry. Banner only.

GeoffK 03-20-01 05:47 PM

GRRRRRR. I have NO idea why!

GeoffK 03-20-01 05:54 PM

OK... I have a hunch... Try again

X 03-20-01 05:55 PM

Here's a hint. I tried highlighting the page, but got nothing. Then I looked at the page source and could see all the HTML.

X 03-20-01 05:56 PM

Banner only. See above post.

X 03-20-01 05:58 PM

I can see it when I open it in Netscape's Composer. I'll look at it there and see what I can see.

X 03-20-01 06:04 PM

No, but I can save it from Composer and open it in Navigator and see it. Are you sure all tables are closed?

stevevt 03-20-01 06:12 PM


Same problem.

I'm glad this thread was already here. Please save me from having to use IE.

Thanks, GK. Thanks, X.

X 03-20-01 06:17 PM

Home page is bad now too. I tried another computer and no-go either.

Grizzly 03-20-01 06:22 PM

i used to be on a similar board (same board system) last year and i was there for 8-9 months and Netscape 4.7x did not work well with it, although actually i think the problem is with the banner ads.. why i don't know though but i do know that this site worked the same when i tried Netscape 4.7x which i use for everything else but for this forum i have to use IE if i want it to work properly all the time.

Foole 03-20-01 06:24 PM

Same problem here, banner only. Tried 2 different computers on 2 different ISPs...

IE works fine though.

Had me worried, I got my HP GC and wanted to use a DVDTalk Affiliate link!!

X 03-20-01 06:25 PM

Microsoft is getting cocky now that their appeal is looking good. They must have flipped the switch! ;)

GeoffK 03-20-01 06:26 PM

It's really strange. I just added some items to the menu today and it messed up netscape.

I keep going over my code and I can't see any open tables or anything

DodgingCars 03-20-01 06:32 PM

same here.

I know everyone is in love with IE. But.. this is literally hell for me. I can't stand it.. It just feels dirty. :)

GeoffK 03-20-01 06:47 PM

OK.. Did another tweak

X 03-20-01 06:48 PM

Didn't work.

GeoffK 03-20-01 06:54 PM

Has anyone tested it on a more recent version of netscrape

X 03-20-01 06:55 PM

Originally posted by gkleinman
Has anyone tested it on a more recent version of netscrape
The next version is 6 which I tested, and it worked. But 6 is not exactly an upgrade, it's a complete new engine.

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