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Kenshin 03-17-01 02:45 AM

Japanese animation has grown to the point where it is its own genre now. I think it is big enough to have its own forum and others will agree considering the amount of threads on the subject. Over half of my DVD collection is Anime.

TheyCallHimJim 03-17-01 02:53 AM

We don't have any other genre-specific forums, why get involved with that kind of thing? If we start an anime forum, next thing you know horror fans will be clamouring for a horror forum, western fans for a western forum, etc. etc. etc... Before you know it we've got twenty different groups of people wanting twenty different forums for their own genre. Then what do you do about genre-ambiguous films, where do they go? Furthermore, seeing as how there's already an entire site devoted to anime on DVD (called, surprisingly, animeondvd.com) I don't see any real reason why we need a forum here.

GeoffK 03-17-01 01:09 PM

Actually we are planning on launching a Anime Column (like the CineSchlock-O-Rama or DVD Savant).

More details on that when we find the person who is going to write it!

Feneant 03-18-01 01:31 PM

Do people read columns? I never do :p

duganrm 03-11-05 02:33 AM

looks like it didn't take you very long to get your anime column.... ;)

it has an old link in it though. the line below has a link in it to Jan anime bargain thread. Should at least link it to this months thread.

For more anime deals check out the Official - ANIME Bargains! - Thread. Updated daily.

i would still like to see an anime forum. i don't know if anime should be considered a genre, since it contains all the genres (still only watch the genres I like in anime).

Chris Tribbey 03-11-05 04:20 AM

[QUOTE=duganrm]looks like it didn't take you very long to get your anime column.... ;)
2001! rotfl

The anime column will improve in leaps and bounds as we work on it (we need a logo; and that Anime Overdose bit was just thrown together).

Though I think four years ago they had it right ... keep the forums more general, and use a thread for specific thoughts about anime. They have an entire world of anime forums over at AOD.

Jackskeleton 03-14-05 04:09 AM

I don't see the point of having an anime subforum. If it's a movie, toss it in movie talk. IF it's a series shown on tv, toss in tv talk, if it's a dvd or OVA, then toss it in DVDTALK. sounds simple enough. There is many other anime only forums so it's not like there is a real need to have its own section here.

Rival11 03-14-05 10:16 AM

What about a subforum for cross-breeding gneres like Horrime or wes-fi or even dramedy?

BrianYuen 04-06-05 11:43 AM

why would you start a forum on ANIME when there isnt much out there?

unless you are one of those dudes who likes downloads the videos

i could only thing of Pokemon, YuGIOh and the shows on Toonami

John Sinnott 04-07-05 09:30 AM

I don't want to weigh in on the anime forum issue, but thought I'd mention that DVDTalk does have a bi-weekly column on anime: AnimeTalk. Fans of the genre can read it here:


Trigger 04-24-05 05:37 PM

I used to run a few One and Only Anime discussion threads several years ago - alot of people liked it and alot of people were against the idea. There were several threads in the series with hundreds of posts... I also tried to maintain an anime ratings/review guide thread with tables and reviews and everything... eventually I just kinda gave up on both projects. Ultimately I think most people would just rather leave things the way they are.

I did a similar thing with Asian films and I think that had a little bit to do with making the International forum a place to discuss the movies from foreign countries as well instead of just being for discussing dvds released in other countries.

Houstondon 04-25-05 06:08 PM

Now that we have three reviewers tackling an increasing number of anime titles (hopefully, the production companies will get on the ball and send complete series rather than the occasional title though) and other reviewers also contributing, the column will grow in popularity. I don't think a separate forum would work all that well but at least we can say that anime is becoming more popular here. :)

mifuneral 07-07-05 12:53 AM

Just to make it clear to everyone, because it's kind of bugging the hell out of me with every mention, anime is not a genre.

As for the question of, why make an anime board here...uh, why not? Seriously, why have a videogame forum? I mean, IGN has a great Videogame forum. Why not just go there? How is that suggestion different than telling people to go to AOD for anime forums?

Finally, the whole point of having one cohesive, collected forum for anime is so that people don't have to look all around. I think it'd be nice, and handy.

At any rate I think it's worth a shot. And in the end, who would be hurt by the presense of an anime board?

Jackskeleton 07-07-05 04:29 AM

who would be hurt by the presense of an anime board?
I think it's more of a matter of how much traffic it would get.

Would discussion be about Anime on DVD? that can go in the main dvd talk section

Would it be discussion about Anime films coming to the big screen? That stuff can easily go into movie talk

Would discussion be about Anime related video games? you know where that can go.

Would it be about currently running shows overseas? I really don't see how that will be anything beyond "Where do I download fansubs?" and any current CN anime can easily be posted in TV Talk.

Manga talk? We have book talk.

Get what I'm saying?

mifuneral 07-07-05 11:33 AM

Originally Posted by Jackskeleton
Get what I'm saying?

Yes, I do, but at the same time I'm saying there's something to be said about having all that in one place. Just as there's a section for international movies (International Talk) where foreign films can be discussed (not just the movies themselves, but also the releases and specs which, according to what you're saying, and what I've already said, would normally get split up into different forums), why can't there be a section for anime (ie- Anime Talk, for example) where anime can be discussed? The situation is not much different, if you ask me.

Perhaps Anime could be a subforum within International Talk? Subforums aren't always as high-traffic as the main forums anyway. And really, could it be worse than the Star Wars subforum? ;) ;) ;)

Just an idea. The concept of anime boards must not be such a dumb one because I've seen it done several other places. I'd just like to see it here, or at least see if it's possible.

uberjoe 07-07-05 11:56 AM

Originally Posted by mifuneral
The concept of anime boards must not be such a dumb one because I've seen it done several other places.

... and you're more than welcome to join those other boards. It's not that people don't understand your line of reasoning -- it's that they don't care.

Let it go, Indiana.

mifuneral 07-07-05 12:19 PM

I'd be more willing to "let it go, Indiana" if a mod or admin would echo your sentiment. However, the suggestion of "join those other boards" is in no way productive to the discussion.

Josh H 07-07-05 02:06 PM

It seemed like even the anime discussion threads started here occasionally in the past weren't huge successes, I really doubt it could generate enough discussion to substain a forum.

But I'm not opposed to it as I wouldn't read it so it has no impact on me. But it seems like the best option for people wanting to discuss anime are to find a good anime site where there's more anime fans to discuss things with.

uberjoe 07-07-05 03:47 PM

Originally Posted by mifuneral
I'd be more willing to "let it go, Indiana" if a mod or admin would echo your sentiment. However, the suggestion of "join those other boards" is in no way productive to the discussion.

What "discussion"? So far it's basically a bunch of people saying an anime forum wouldn't work, and you saying you want one. That's not a discussion. That's you slamming your fists against a very hard wall.

The forum can not be all things to all people. You just recently joined here, and if it's lacking in some way then maybe you should look to other places. Also, if you're going to say a post is "in no way productive to the discussion," then I'll recommend right now that you stay away from the Other Forum.

And I say again...

Let it go, Indiana.

mifuneral 07-07-05 11:46 PM

Actually, it's me saying reasons why the anime baords would work, and then people giving non responses such as "post elsewhere." By saying that, you think you're being, I dunno...perhaps helpful, authoratative, informative, whatever....but really you're being none of those things. It's like, "OMG, there are other anime forums? REALLY?" Ugh. Give me some credit, I know of their existence. It has nothing to do with this discussion (and yes, it's a discussion and though I'm currently the only one talking in favor of anime there have been people in the past, since I'm not even the one to start this particular thread). It's not about DVDTalk lacking in any way. It's about improving something that I already like, if possible.

and for the record, Indiana was the dog's name. :p

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