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Travis McClain 06-01-21 11:24 AM

Post Revisions Being Undone
When I went to update my Make Your Own Challenge list post yesterday, I discovered that the entire previous week's worth of updates were gone. The date of last revision was also scrolled back, meaning there was no way to restore. Thankfully, I had that information elsewhere and was able to reconstruct it, but it was certainly obnoxious to have to do that. Just now, I discovered that the revisions I made late last night have likewise disappeared. That included some summary notes that I didn't have written elsewhere.

I didn't see anything about this when I searched just now so I assume either this is a new problem or the forum is deleting discussion of it as an act of self-protection because it's become sentient and evil. If this is going to be a bug, it's going to discourage me from participating in future challenges.

IBJoel 06-02-21 10:41 AM

Re: Post Revisions Being Undone
This is the first I've heard about it, yes. I checked edit history (don't know if you're able to see that, forgive me if you already checked) and only you edited it and I didn't see any gaps (see below). @Trevor you edit a lot of stuff. Notice any discrepancies?

Hopefully, this was just a momentary site hiccup. I would say try to save your work elsewhere as a back up for now and if we don't see it, we're in the clear. I will also create a test post in that thread to see if I can reproduce. Have you seen it in any other threads?


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