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The Questyen 06-29-20 10:10 PM

Why was my post deleted?
We have a poster Gizmo who is a fucking moron which is a fact. So not sure why stating that fact caused my post to be deleted.

Nick Danger 06-30-20 12:36 AM

Re: Why was my post deleted?
Cool down. It's just the internet. But you should revise your post before the mods see it and take administrative action.

If someone is making offensive posts or trolling, report it.

The Questyen 06-30-20 09:05 PM

Re: Why was my post deleted?
Administrative action? I'm terrified. If they want to ban me from this cesspool of racism and sexism masquerading as a dvd forum then they can go ahead.

Dan 07-01-20 09:30 AM

Re: Why was my post deleted?
^ for what it's worth...
I agree.
I also think your contributions to this forum/discussion are far more valuable than most around here, including the person you're talking about.
I also think the Nick's suggestion is good... the mods have been doing a pretty good job overall with some of this stuff, when they see it and understand it for what it is. Reporting a problem post is, at minimum, a first step to solving the problem.
I'll leave the rest of my thoughts to the appropriate threads.

IBJoel 07-01-20 10:20 AM

Re: Why was my post deleted?
If you have a question about a deleted/moved post, PM the mod(s) for the forum it originated in.

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