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papapauly 06-17-18 10:50 AM

? About digital codes I have
I have 11 still active digital codes which I just donít use and just want to give them away and wanted to ask whatís the best way to do that on the forum for someone.

TheBigDave 06-17-18 11:23 AM

Re: ? About digital codes I have
Here's the thread for giving away digital codes:


You can either post the codes directly in the thread. Or have users request them and send you a Private Message (PM).

If you want to Sell or Trade the codes, you can do it here:


I'm sure if you offered all 11 codes for $15-$20, someone would buy them quickly. Or maybe you could trade them for a couple Blurays. Lots of people are getting rid of their Blurays and want digital copies instead.

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