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Mike86 01-06-12 12:14 AM

Re: Forums Slow Loading Lately?
This site has been terrible lately. It's really hit and miss if the forum will load up at all and then when it does I go to click on a forum area or a topic it just keeps endlessly loading but doesn't bring anything up. Half the time tonight when I've tried to get on to the site the top half of the page looks like it's loaded (where the reviews are at along with the search option and stuff) but the rest is just blank and won't move. Annoying.

JerryKILL 01-06-12 01:32 PM

Re: Forums Slow Loading Lately?
After 15 minutes+ of waiting for ads.doubleclick trying to load on every step of the way, I am finally able to post a complaint in this forum.

The DVDTalk is website if virtually unusable without some kind of adblocker.

IBobi 01-06-12 02:35 PM

Re: Forums Slow Loading Lately?
Thanks for the updates, all -- we're working on the ad problem!


IBobi 01-06-12 07:23 PM

Re: Forums Slow Loading Lately?
We have disabled an ad that we believe is contributing to the problem; please report if you are still experiencing this issue.

Thank you,


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