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Sweet Baby James 07-23-07 12:28 PM

What Happened to the BMG Thread in the Hot Deals Forum?
I just noticed that the awesome thread that was a great resource for sharing BMG CD Club offer codes is missing. Did the threadstarter delete this thread? Did BMG pressure DVD Talk to kill this thread? Just curious. Hopefully it will be resurrected because it was of great help to many of us DVD Talkers. Thanks.

benedict 07-23-07 12:42 PM

I'm not really au fait with the subject but I can't see why BMG would exert pressure and not Columbia House.

One must presume that the threadstarter deleted it.

I believe that the mod(s) of that forum can retrieve a deleted thread if deemed appropriate. The last link of which I am aware is now quoted in the title to this post.

benedict 07-23-07 12:51 PM

This being said, aren't BMG and Columbia House the same organisation?

For what is it worth, the old thread, which is entitled "BMG" but talks throughout of "Columbia", is here: http://forum.dvdtalk.com/showthread.php?threadid=354625

GeoffK 07-23-07 03:38 PM

No one on the DVD Talk Staff removed it... It's MIA

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