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MISS PEACH 10-18-04 09:53 PM

The HMNPIB Forum: Because it's about you!
This idea is dedicated to Get Me Some Coffee, who referred anyone he has offended show up here in Feedback.

What DVDTalk needs is a Masochist Forum. We can call it the Hit Me Now Please I'm Begging Forum and people can post their lead threads if they want to invite anyone with a beef to come on in and either be apologized to, additionally flogged, or debated.

But see, here is the clever bit to HMNPIB: We'd first locate some tiny little animated whip gifs to allow <strike>plainti</strike> Victims to flog their attackers.

This has the potential to relieve the long-suffering forums of the endless comet trails of grievance airing. The <strike>Dominatr</strike> Moderator could even have a monthly You're In The Stocks Now Mate! poll for who is most deserving of punishment and we could vote, something like:

1 Tomato
1 Tomato and some Lettuce
Dirt (that could be for serious offenses, see)

No, no. I see what you're thinking but there have to be rules: No stoning. I'm adamant.


das Monkey 10-18-04 10:35 PM

Re: The HMNPIB Forum: Because it's about you!


I'm adamant.


Numanoid 10-19-04 02:37 PM

Hey, that's my joke. :grunt:

Gil Jawetz 10-20-04 01:56 PM

I think that's a great idea.

MISS PEACH 10-21-04 11:57 AM

LOL! Thank you Gil.

Now c'mon people help me track down some naughty little whips. Surely some of these S&M forums would have something along these lines? Nothing with a gauche smiley just the whip, dignified, purposeful. And small. So people can rate their offense (5 whips, 1 whips etc.) without too much clutter.


Groucho 10-21-04 11:59 AM

My response to every thread in that forum:


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