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Kimiakane 02-15-04 10:30 PM

How do we link our collection?
Many here have their collection link in their signature. I have tried and failed. I searched in FAQ and found nothing. I asked the moderators for instructions and have received no response (of course, I know they're very busy). I didn't see anything in the member profile section either. On this last point also, why is it seemingly optional to allow other members to have access to information on puts in their profile, but then there is no apparent way to see a person's profile as is the norm at other site's message boards?

Thanks for the help!

EPKJ 02-15-04 10:39 PM


insert the url of your database

insert a close bracket.

My DVD Collection


Type the above as one string.

I hope that helps.

Kimiakane 02-15-04 11:00 PM

Thank you so much, EPKJ, that was exactly what I needed!

Soooooo, what is the story with the lack of Member Profiles and Avatars? There is a lot of info pointing out that they were planned on and/or at one time existed (which if they did, the FAQ and Create Profile pages should be altered if they no longer permit them). It's no a big deal but I am curious. Anyone know what happened? :eep:

Keith123 02-15-04 11:33 PM

kimiakane- your collection is currently flagged as "private"
when I tried your link(nosey me). You can click on the link
yourself and it will lead you to change the status.

Kimiakane 02-16-04 11:33 AM

Oooops! Thank you, Keith...it's changed now! This internet thing and I are not yet friends! :D

Static Cling 02-16-04 01:24 PM

This is a Feedback-type thread (more about this board's operations than DVDs), so moving to Feedback Forum.

Also, Kimiakane, I rearranged your sig... they need to be five lines or less. If you want some space between your signoff and your links, I recommend using pipes (the straight up and down lines) like I do in my sig.

El Scorcho 02-16-04 06:20 PM

People actually read collection links?

Kimiakane 02-16-04 09:28 PM

Thank you Static, I didn't need the spaces anyway! :D

The Cow 02-16-04 10:23 PM

Originally posted by El Scorcho
People actually read collection links?
No, but they visit homepages...

Let me be the first to say (at least in this thread);

Very nice gallery Galina!

garolo 02-17-04 09:23 PM

Can I be the second? Indeed very nice. 3 kids?!?!

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