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das Monkey 12-30-03 08:10 PM

Permanent Change?
Unless my browser's acting up, stuff has moved? Is this a glitch or the new face of things?


Ranger 12-30-03 08:18 PM

Looks like Geoff is having fun rearranging the site. :)

GeoffK 12-30-03 09:08 PM

I've been doing a slight retune of the forum template. Nothing major, just a tweak.

Would love to hear people's thoughts.

Some of the changes:

- Changed the DVD Talk Forum logo to just a smaller 'DVD Talk'
- Changed the search/user cp/register buttons to text links
- Added a 'New Member Info' Link to Feedback Thread
- Moved Banner Down below headlines and adjusted the whole top table
- Added link to 'Video Game Reviews' under headlines

ClarkKentKY 12-30-03 09:55 PM

I miss the search button.


GeoffK 12-30-03 09:57 PM

It's a link now... [<b><a href="http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/search.php?s=">Search</a></b>]

B.A. 12-30-03 10:37 PM

I had a few beers at dinner and I was thinking "what the hell is going on?". I'm glad it wasn't just me.

It looks a little too congested, imo. Spread things out a little. Or put dancing girls up along the left/right sides. :D

Ranger 12-30-03 11:29 PM

Originally posted by gkleinman

Would love to hear people's thoughts.

Okay, you asked for it. :)

-Like that cleared up things at the bottom
-Love the smaller DVDTalk Logo at the top

I was going to say you could bold the button-less text but looks like you beat me to it. Still could get rid of the [] part and add more contrast between the aff. links and forums links like a different color for the text or either section's background. Also, you could try compress the text to one line (You probably tried that already :)). Like use "Member CP", "Forum", Change the FAQs to "Vb Help" and the new member info to "FAQ."

Edit: Ah-ha, using other browser with text size on medium, it is one line after all. :o

Edit 2: Another idea, how about putting a | between the forum links. For example - check out oc-forums.com to see what I mean.

HistoryProf 12-31-03 02:23 AM

the top seems crowded....the search et al links need to be separated out better....

D.Pham4GLTE (>60GB) 12-31-03 02:43 AM

is the scroll box (the one that lets you select the forum) moved? i thought it was right above the "DVD Talk Forum" linky before.

Blake 12-31-03 05:52 AM

As much as I like [ ], pipes are better :)

Register | FAQ | Info For New Members | Member Control Panel | Search | Forum Home

Or even slashes

Register / FAQ / Info For New Members / Member Control Panel / Search / Forum Home

And just to nitpick, the last ] is bolded when the rest aren't.

das Monkey 12-31-03 06:44 AM

Agreed. Pipes are better. The brackets just make it difficult to read.


Wizdar 12-31-03 08:56 AM

Originally posted by gkleinman
- Moved Banner Down below headlines and adjusted the whole top table
Looks crowded up there.

I like that some of the buttons are now links. Ads.kleinman.com is blocked where I work, and I would dearly love to have an “edit” link for when I F up.

And now I can [<b><a href="http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/search.php?s=">Search</a></b>] :banana:

NCMojo 12-31-03 09:46 AM

We fear change. :eek:

Rogue588 12-31-03 12:50 PM


no more http://ads.kleinman.com/images/top_search.gif?!?

who's gonna be my friend now?!?!


Blade 12-31-03 02:41 PM

I wonder if it would look too busy if you put the "[Register] [FAQ] [Info For New Members] [Member Control Panel] [Search] [Forum Home] " stuff below the thread forum listing ( DVD Talk Forum > Feedback > Forum Feedback and Support > Permanent Change?) but above the blue bar above the first post and in between the text for "Go to first unread post" and "Last Thread Next Thread"?

That would make the price search box stand out more, and it would make the search function a lot easier to see when you're reading the thread.

The forum jump drop down box seems like it should go somewhere else too....

eedoon 01-01-04 05:12 AM

I like these best. :up:

das Monkey 01-01-04 01:50 PM

Yeah, those pipes look great up there. :up:


Geofferson 01-01-04 11:13 PM

Nice job Geoff - the pipes look good. :up:

Numanoid 01-02-04 09:42 PM

There's an awful lot of wasted space now on the sides.

Wizdar 01-02-04 09:59 PM

Shhhh. Vertical banners. ;)

das Monkey 01-02-04 11:38 PM

I was initially going to complain about all that wasted space, but then I realized I'm running as 1600 x 1200. For people with crappy monitors -- all too many, unfortunately -- it's probably not that bad. Still, it's annoying for those of us who successfully passed through Y2K.


Rogue588 01-03-04 01:58 AM




das Monkey 01-03-04 05:38 AM

Forgive me. As a software developer, it's a neverending frustration to have to continually dumb down my product for the people who insist that Windows 95 is all they'll ever need. Ya know, the people who write checks in the Express Line at the grocery store. :) If only telling potential customers to shove it were a successful business model. We impose as many minimum system requirements as possible, but after all these years, we still can't seem to drag people out of 800 x 600 on a monitor they took from a dumpster in 1994. These are probably people who have 65" TVs, drive SUV Land Destroyer Canyoneros and Super Size all their meals (they may even like big butts and cannot lie), but heaven forbid they switch to a resolution slightly higher than one tested for the legally blind. RAWHRRRR ... das ANGRY!!! SMASH!!! *pant* *pant* ... *sigh* All that wasted space ... just breaks my heart. *single tear*


Wizdar 01-03-04 08:22 AM


vaporware 01-03-04 10:27 PM

Wow, now it's fitting my widescreen lappy. :up:

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