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WorldCup82 12-11-03 01:51 PM

Need Moderator Assistance:
Can a Moderator move these threads to the new forum?

DVD Talk Forum > Shopping Discussions > DVD Bargains > DVD Clubs > Free DVD / Incentive Clubs






Also would like to request that this thread be made a sticky in that forum:


It is currently under construction, but will be the official FAQ for the subforum



namja 12-11-03 02:57 PM

Okay, done. Next time though, it'll be better if you e-mailed a mod instead of posting here.

Also, you may not see all of the threads when you go to the Free DVD / Incentive Clubs Forum. As forum default, you only see threads from the last 30 days. To see all the threads in the forum, you need to change the view criteria (at the bottom of the forum) from "last 30 days" to "the beginning". Or click here:


Closing thread.

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