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I'm an idiot 12-11-03 12:42 PM

Mods, please help me!
I sincerely apologize in advance for re-registering under this ID, but I didn't see any other choice. I changed my email address under User CP, and got the confirmation email to change it, but like the idiot that I am (hence the user name) I deleted it before I could finish the process. I normally go by steelcurtain here. Would it be possible for a mod to resend that confirmation email to my new address, so I can get back in?

Also, if you could delete this new username once I get back in, I'd appreciate it.

One final thing, if it's not too much trouble...I'd like to change my user name from Steelcurtain to Spanky BananaPants too.

Thanks in advance!

X 12-11-03 12:46 PM


You should know that mods do have email addresses. That's a better way to communicate than to create a new account.

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