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Kinyo 11-28-03 08:09 PM

Members that are suspended?
I was wondering if a member is suspended do they ever come back? ( yes, I'm talking about danol, we all miss him.)

Groucho 11-28-03 08:13 PM

Suspension is temporary, and the length depends on the member.

Banning is permanant, although a select few have come back from the dead.

ViewAskewbian 11-28-03 08:17 PM

Danol has more fans then Michael Jackson round these parts!

Blade 11-28-03 08:22 PM

A suspension can become permanent if your email account is invalid. There are other reasons, but it's been a year, and I forget. :)

Preacher 11-28-03 09:50 PM

My member is suspended in my shorts right now. Probably TMI. :lol:

kvrdave 11-30-03 03:04 AM

Originally posted by Preacher
My member is suspended in my shorts right now. Probably TMI. :lol:
It was inactive for so long, we didn't figure there was any harm.

Preacher 11-30-03 10:02 AM


Run from the squirrel, kvrdave. Run.

Kinyo 11-30-03 01:12 PM


Static Cling 11-30-03 03:06 PM

Each time you've asked about when danol is coming back, I've doubled his suspension length.

But seriously, stop asking. You've made multiple posts about his suspension, and you and I have had e-mail correspondence about it. If he ever comes back, I'm sure you'll know.

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