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Preacher 10-20-03 10:32 PM

How to find User List For DVDTalk
Not certain why this would not be allowed or whether the Forum is not sending emails. Sent some email inquiries and received no answer.

Looking for the User List for DVDTalk. Used to be able to find it, but have had no luck this time. Help or answers would be appreciated. Looking for a couple of users and it seems the easiest way.


X 10-20-03 10:55 PM

You can't just get a user list, but if you're looking for someone why not use the search function to find their posts? Then you can email them from the link in one of their posts.

Preacher 10-20-03 11:24 PM

We used to have a browsable list of all the members of the Forum. It's probably been awhile since I've seen it. If it is unavailable, then so be it.

X 10-20-03 11:37 PM

It's unavailable. Resource hog.

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