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garmonbozia 04-01-03 05:32 PM

Can someone fix the STL site?
I'm just reposting here from this thread:
in case anyone with any power didn't see it where it was. Maybe the support forum was the place I should have posted it anyway...
If anyone is able to fix the great STL site, much thanks!

Someone "broke" the STL site by adding a title that is far far too long. I believe it is this title:

"Francois Truffaut's Adventures of Antoine Doinel(The 400 Blows / Antoine & Collette / Stolen Kisses / Bed & Board / Love on the Run) - Criterion Collection"

It causes the scroll bar to go off my screen and it make using the site very VERY difficult. Since the scroll arrow for the movies box is at the end of the scroll bar, I have to move my page over to where I can no longer see the titles of the movies when I am scrolling. It makes using the site very difficult. Will the problem be fixed if that long title is deleted?

Is there any way that whoever manages this site can limit the length of the titles that can be typed in so that this cannot happen (it has happened before)....or perhaps this would not happen if the scroll arrow was at the beginning of the scroll bar and not at the end?

of course it would also not happen if people didn't type in titles that wasn't a paragraph long, especially when the title is already on the list as the "Adventures of Antoine Doinel box set" and probably a few other ways that didn't break the site.

GeoffK 04-01-03 05:41 PM


garmonbozia 04-02-03 05:11 PM

Originally posted by gkleinman
thanks so much geoff!

garmonbozia 06-16-03 02:59 AM

There's another one that's too long again...

I think it's this one:

Fassbinder 4-Pack (Love Is Colder Than Death / Gods of the Plague / Fear of Fear / Chinese Roulette) (Amazon.com Exclusive)
perhaps just taking off the "(Amazon.com exclusive)" bit will work?

GeoffK 06-16-03 02:26 PM


garmonbozia 06-16-03 06:53 PM

thanks geoff. you rock.

garmonbozia 02-05-04 10:28 PM

Hi Geoff,

Someone mucked up the STL database page again.

It looks like it is the title:
"Criterion Crime Wave 6-pack (Amazon.com exlusive) ................."
that then lists all 6 dvds in the pack.

That's the only one I found long enough to muck up the page, so I think that's the only one that needs to be shortened or deleted.


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