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abintra 11-22-02 07:35 PM

Adding new permanent links to the site suggestion
There are a couple threads that contain information that I wondered if it might be worth duplicating as part of the non-forum part of DVDTalk. Just the main content stuff not necessarily the whole thread. Personally I would find them to be a nice addition to the main site much like the DVD Talk DVD FAQ.

The Exclusive DVD's List

Not Yet Released on DVD List

Theatrical Release Schedule

Upcoming Re-Releases List

abintra 11-28-02 06:22 AM

Not a good idea?

benedict 11-28-02 02:11 PM

There are interesting &/or useful "sticky" &/or "one-and-only" type threads in several of the forums. International, for example has a number relating to non-R1 DVDs.

Perhaps an alternative "solution" might just be to make more of the forums on the main page i.e. a thumbnail sketch of each one rather than just a link to the forums section.

Choosing particular links, though, presupposes what is of interest to the current non-forum user. Also, where these threads are replaced/superseded, any front page link would need to be monitored and changed to ensure that it pointed to the right place. Keeping things as low maintenance as possible is a reasonable policy, IMO.

Just my two pennies.

abintra 11-28-02 08:22 PM

I wasn't thinking of linking directly to the forum threads but rather duplicating the content like the DVD FAQ section does. But like you said that one doesn't need to be updated regularly.

I was guessing that those four would be of interest to those that just visit the main site and not the forums since three of them would help specifically locate movies not on dvd, re-releases, or exclusive titles. Perhaps the theatrical listing wouldn't interest those that visit the main site only but I imagined that since there are theatrical reviews that there is an audience for that.

Not sure how time consuming it would be to update a few more areas regularly though, much like the coming soon section, but thought it was worth the suggestion. I know I added those, as well as many others, to my movie links section on my personal site so that I would have easy access. Though I don't like it resetting my forum cookie time stamp whenever I pop in quickly and have to remember a time so when I do get a chance to go through all threads.

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