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Mark Holtz 11-11-02 11:13 PM

DVD Bargains should be renamed
I think that the DVD Bargains forum should be renamed to more like Entertainment Bargains. The ad postings, for instance, have expanded from the DVD Bargain of the week at the B&M to also include CDs and games that are on sale for that week.

Rogue588 11-11-02 11:25 PM

Your speaking of the Best Buy/Circuit City weekly ad threads. The only instances of CDs/Games being posted are either

a) when they're requested
b) when the poster has time on his hands to kill or is feeling generous. ;)

What should really be done is either make 'em sticky somehow [maybe sticky for the week in question?] or expand the search button to make the minimum 2 letters instead of 4. [Well, maybe the thread originator shouldn't be lazy and spell out Best Buy/Circuit City...:D]

greatjedi 11-19-02 12:45 AM

I don't mind seeing games and CDs listed. I check the threads for DVDs, but occasionaly I notice a good price on a CD I've been wanting. It's like finding the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks . . . uh, er something like that.

CaptainMarvel 11-22-02 11:10 AM

Maybe we could now rename it "Target Presents DVD Bargains"?

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