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Hoonster 10-01-02 01:37 PM

Was my thread in "TV Talk" deleted?
I posted a thread earlier this week about a banned "Family Guy" episode asking if anyone knew more about it. I got some responses (and checked them via E-mail notifications).

However, this morning I got another notification, but when I clicked on it, it says I don't have permission to access the page. I also tried looking for it in my recent posts and even in the "TV Talk" forum itself, but can't find it. I ran a search, and still can't find it.

If it got locked or moved for whatever reason, can't you usually still find it? Did my thread just get deleted completely? Can I find out?

The link I got from my E-mail notification:

Hoon Park
[email protected]

benedict 10-01-02 03:04 PM

My suspicion is that your thread turned into a thinly-veiled discussion as to how to obtain a bootlegged version of the episode in question. Perhaps you should email one of the "TV Talk" moderators to see if they can shed any light....

.... understandably annoying for you, but some members will do that to a thread: they don't seem to be able to help themselves no matter how many times "the rules" are posted.

(Not sure if it is feasible, but perhaps a kind admin will remove the offending posts and return your thread to where it came from if they think it can be redeemed and won't again go "bad").

Dead 10-02-02 08:21 AM

Originally posted by benedict
My suspicion is that your thread turned into a thinly-veiled discussion as to how to obtain a bootlegged version of the episode in question.

That's quite a good job of guessing what happened. Because of the situation described above, I moved the thread for other moderators and the admins to review. BTW, Hoonster, I want to make it clear that you did nothing wrong in asking about the episode. It was the actions of other members that caused the thread to be moved.

benedict, do you do lottery numbers too? ;)

Aghama 10-02-02 09:20 AM

For the record, that was my guess too.

35 23 11 8 27

Blade 10-02-02 05:44 PM

Nope, just needed some posts split off and a reminder/warning added.

It's back...here's the new link (old one is now dead)

btlives 10-02-02 06:31 PM

Instead of deleting the post the first time around.
Maybe the thread could have been closed with an explanation.
That it was going to be reviewed. With the Sensitive material
deleted that was in question.

Thats one of my biggest gripes here. Threads being closed
with no explanation. (though of late its ALOT better)
Not everyone is a brain surgeon and can figure out whats
going on around here 24/7.

As for the offending people that can not help themselves.
Maybe a week suspension might help them see the light.

Blade 10-02-02 06:51 PM

Please remember that this is something we volunteer to do in our spare time. Splitting out threads and composing explanations takes time and sometimes we only have time to close a thread. We do understand that this can be frustrating to some of the members at times, but it's a fact of life on a volunteer moderator board. Your request is noted, and we will, as always, do our best to address it.

However, in this particular case we were discussing this a bit and just took a little longer than usual to tie up all the loose ends. And it wasn't deleted, just moved to a part of the site not accessible by members until we decided how to handle it.

As for the suspensions...we've handed them out in the past and will do so again when we think it is appropriate. I think the in thread warning I posted in this case should be sufficient.

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